Why Your Marketing Team Needs Staff Training Videos Right Now

Why Your Marketing Team Needs Staff Training Videos Right Now

Marketing is in a constant state of flux, with new communication channels and technologies available every year. Marketing managers might invest in face-to-face training to teach their teams about new marketing practices and techniques. However, training videos can be just as effective for skills development and achieving learning outcomes. Read on to learn the answer to "Why does marketing need staff training videos?"

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Staff Training Videos Can Be Less Expensive Than In-Person Training

The average cost of classroom-based training is $1,252 per employee according to an ATD State of the Industry Report. That's because there are so many outlays associated with this type of learning and development. You might need to hire an instructor to teach your team or rent a venue large enough to accommodate your entire marketing department. In short, it can be expensive to teach your employees about marketing concepts in a real-world setting. 

On the other hand, staff training videos can be more cost-effective than in-person training. Why does marketing need staff training videos? You won't have to rent a venue or reimburse any travel costs for out-of town-employees. Training video content can also be a wise investment because you can use the same videos for new hires who join your team rather than using the services of another instructor. 

A professional video platform like Viostream can further reduce the costs associated with classroom-based training by letting you share staff training videos with marketing employees online. You might be wary about sharing sensitive training video content with teams over the internet. However, Viostream offers an incredible range of video security features such as Single Sign-On (SSO), data sovereignty, and white-listed domains. You can even set up access controls and restrict videos from specific IP addresses and locations. Learn more about Viostream's video security features

Viostream lets you upload, share, and track staff training videos in one centralized location. With advanced security, media management, and video analytics, you can improve learning and development outcomes for marketing teams. Start your free trial now and learn why you can trust Viostream.

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Training Video Content Is More Convenient for Remote and Hybrid Marketing Teams

According to the Pew Research Center, more than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, 59% of employees in the United States who say their jobs can be done from home are working remotely all or most of the time. If your marketing teams work from home, staff training videos can be an effective communication method for learning and development. 

Why does marketing need staff training videos for remote workers? These videos let teams learn new skills or brush up on their existing ones regardless of their location. That means you can provide employees with the same training materials no matter their time zone or work schedule. Team members, for example, can watch pre-recorded videos at any time and learn about new marketing strategies you plan to incorporate into your department. You might even want to share videos about lead generation, prospecting, upselling, customer segmentation, and lead nurturing. 

Marketing Videos Can Engage Your Teams

Marketing training video content can be a great way to engage teams. That's because, as Idea Rocket points out, videos grab peoples' attention more than text-based training resources. Why does marketing need staff training videos to improve engagement? Live streaming training content, for example, allows you to interact with teams and encourage discussion and debate about marketing-related topics. 

Viostream improves engagement for livestreams further by integrating with third-party services such as PigeonHole Live, which lets employees ask questions, answer surveys, and participate in live chat. The platform can also track engagement with its wide range of video analytics features. Viostream's graphic engagement meter helps you distinguish between high-engagement and low-engagement content and improve your training video strategies. 

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Marketing Staff Training Videos Are Flexible

There are various ways you can use staff training videos to communicate with your marketing team. You might want to create onboarding content that introduces new hires to your marketing department and showcase your company culture, values, and objectives. Alternatively, you can develop training video content to teach existing marketers concepts such as targeting different demographics or improving the customer experience. Why does marketing need staff training videos to improve team performance? These videos can help employees become more proficient marketers and move more prospects through their marketing funnels. 

The Final Word on Why Marketing Needs Staff Training Videos

Staff training videos can help you deliver learning and development materials to your marketing department wherever they are in the world. Training video content can also reduce the costs associated with in-person classroom-based training and help you onboard new marketing hires and improve the skills of existing team members.

Using a platform like Viostream makes uploading, sharing, and tracking all your videos easy, helping you engage with marketing teams and improve educational outcomes. Viostream is the enterprise-level video platform for marketing training video content you can trust. With an easy-to-use and reliable interface, you can maximize your video content in one place. Start your free trial now and see why your marketing staff training videos need Viostream to perform their best.

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