How To Store Training Videos

How To Store Training Videos

Regular employee training is a critical part of keeping your workforce engaged and in the know about what’s going on at your company. Training also helps staff feel seen and valued. Now more than ever, it's important for you to invest in the learning and growth of your team. Workers have a lot of options when it comes to finding employment and more and more they are seeking out opportunities that allow them to develop skills and offer opportunities for growth.

Training videos also help keep employee morale high. However, managing your training video library can turn into a headache and a giant expense if you don’t plan ahead. Read on for tips on how to build your video content and store them in your training video library.

Why Do You Need a Training Video Library?

Conducting employee training via video is one of the most effective and powerful methods of training today. Research shows that 65 percent of all learners in the U.S. today are visual learners. Furthermore, it is 83 percent easier for learners to recall information via visual presentation than what they learned via text. It’s clear that delivering training instruction through video helps your employees more easily process material than through text or lectures. Not to mention that learning digitally (aka via the web) can be as effective as in-person training for a fraction of the expense.

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How To Store Your Training Video Library

Follow these best practices for storing your training video library to make sure the process remains streamlined and cost-effective.

Use a Reputable Hosting Platform

When it comes to storing training videos, your business will benefit immensely from a tool like Viostream. Viostream is a video platform that lets you upload, store and play videos for your entire team. It can be easily integrated with your Learning Management System (LMS) to help provide the best possible experience for your employees. Video files are much larger than text documents and can take up a huge amount of space on your internal servers or your LMS. Using Viostream to upload and store your videos frees up space for you to deliver other important educational content while still allowing easy access to your training videos.

Take Inventory of Old Content

One of the most essential things to do when storing your training video library online is to revisit it frequently and clean out the clutter. Online video hosting platforms like Viostream help organize all of your video content in one centralized location, making it easy to take inventory and discard content that is no longer in use.

Having too many videos can be overwhelming for employees. You don’t want people to have to dig through titles or end up watching ancillary videos. Viostream makes it easy to run usage reports to determine which videos you and your employees are not watching so that you can easily get rid of excess content.

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Stay Organized

The ideal storage platform will make it easy to assign all of your training video content its own proper home. With Viostream, you can reliably organize video courses, training lectures, quizzes, reports, reference materials, etc. so your employees can navigate it with ease. Viostream’s platform also makes it easy for managers and admins to create groups, assign tasks to certain employees, upload new content, and more. Content will be available on the cloud and viewable on desktops and mobile devices with an Internet connection.

Establish a Routine Process

Following these steps once a year or “whenever you think of it” isn’t going to help you maintain order. To store training videos in a way that will be useful to you and your team, it’s important to make these practices an established routine that you repeat as often as necessary to make sure that stale content gets tossed and remaining content is well-organized and easy to find and share.

Using video as a means of delivering information helps improve engagement, boosting the chances that employees enjoy their training and feel inspired by the process. Having a full training video library is a great way to ensure that you are reaching your employees and offering them optimized onboarding and continuing education experiences.

Why Viostream

Viostream offers tons of great features that let you customize video channels for your brand and organize all of your training videos in one centralized location. This can greatly improve your overall training and team learning process. To get a better understanding of how Viostream can help you manage and store your training video library, start your free trial today.

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