The Benefits of Synchronous Learning

The Benefits of Synchronous Learning

There are two main types of learning: synchronous and asynchronous learning. In the former, teachers/instructors provide learners with a real-time learning experience viewed simultaneously by every participant. The latter involves on-demand materials that learners can access according to their preferred pace.

Popular forms of online synchronous learning include webinars, Google Hangout sessions, phone/video conferences, live stream videos, and VR/AR lectures. The modern digital world makes it convenient for teachers and trainers to combine synchronous and asynchronous learning from remote locations.

With virtual teaching, you can reach a worldwide audience and conduct your lessons seamlessly at scale. However, the benefits of synchronous learning help it maintain its position as an effective method in classroom and workshop settings, as it offers many advantages to your online training and development goals.

An immersive learning environment is arguably as important as the lesson content itself. Synchronous learning helps create a conducive environment that stimulates learning among participants, promoting thought, understanding, and interpersonal relationships. With synchronous learning, you engage your participants in real-time, encouraging focus and sustained attention.

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Support Q&A

Ongoing feedback is crucial for any learning and development initiative. As a trainer/instructor, you need to understand if your learners follow and comprehend the content you share. By engaging in live question & answer sessions, you can determine whether your learners are on the right track and adjust lessons accordingly for optimal learning outcomes.

Real-time lessons facilitate quick responses to learners’ questions, which enriches and deepens understanding by providing a flexible outlet fueled by original thought and creativity.

Synchronous learning enables you to interact with students as you conduct your lessons, accumulating valuable feedback and fresh insights from different perspectives. You can then integrate the received feedback in future sessions to significantly impact your curriculum.

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Promote Peer Relationships

The group dynamic is a crucial component in successful learning environments and refers to the psychological processes involved in group environments like the workplace. One of the benefits of synchronous learning is that it promotes healthy interactions among fellow learners, where they can bounce ideas off each other and share enthusiasm for a subject.

By surrounding learners with like-minded participants, you can effectively create an environment that encourages self- and peer-driven improvement. Additionally, synchronous learning builds a sense of community, uniting learners toward common learning objectives and seamless collaboration.

Stronger peer relationships may go beyond classroom/workshop dynamics, driving improved teamwork at the workplace and shaping long-term productivity and efficiency.

Improve Engagement

Learner engagement determines the level of interest and understanding experienced by your participants. While asynchronous learning content is convenient and adaptable to any schedule, it lacks the valuable essence of instructor-student interactions. With the benefits of synchronous learning, you can quickly intervene when learners show signs of doubt or uncertainty.

Virtual learning workshops/classrooms offer effective engagement methods that supplement your live sessions, integrating collaborative tools like digital whiteboards, screen sharing, and file sharing. These convenient platforms equip your participants with the unmatched convenience of note-taking and conceptualization to enhance their learning journey.

Another benefit of virtual learning is the ability to record lessons and upload them to a video platform for continued viewing. If a trainee was unable to attend the session or wanted to review what had been covered, they are able to do that on their on schedule. When you use an enterprise solution like Viostream, you can also track trainee engagement to see who might need extra help. Get started with your free trial and see how Viostream can support your training efforts.

Optimize Learner Outcomes

Synchronous learning allows you to monitor the learning progress of each participant. By doing so, you can ensure that every attendee gains some valuable takeaways by the end of a lesson. You can also personalize your approaches according to each learner’s strengths to deliver key points in the most accessible manner for higher retention.

Advanced virtual teaching platforms enable you to store and interpret learner data to improve course structures and learner experiences. These metrics may include messages, queries, attendance, and in-class participation.

Viostream — Your Trusted Partner in Synchronous Learning

At Viostream, we understand the benefits of synchronous learning and how it can drastically improve your L&D processes. We drive quality video-making and streaming to support your courses with dynamic resources that enhance student engagement and retention.

For the best learning outcomes, we suggest supplementing synchronous live-stream videos with asynchronous learning materials such as on-demand videos and audiobooks. By doing so, learners can reinforce learning by conveniently revisiting specific points and topics that prove challenging.

We understand that there are multiple technical considerations involved in preparing optimal video-supported lessons — such as video quality, equipment, and data collection. It can be confusing and counterintuitive for trainers to create powerful videos without substantial technical knowledge. And hiring a professional video expert might overstretch your budget.

Viostream provides an alternative with a user-friendly platform that offers video solutions according to your specific teaching needs. With Viostream, you can post encrypted, analytics-supported videos for your learners no matter where they are in the world.

Our built-in Q&A feature allows you to collate audience responses and queries seamlessly to facilitate quick responses. You can also add reference lists to sidebars, providing learners with additional content for further research and deeper understanding.

An intuitive platform like Viostream allows you to automatically track learner engagement while focusing on value-added priorities like teaching and course development. It’s time to empower your training with the tools that connect with your modern learners.

Start your free trial to experience the power and scalability of video-supported learning. With Viostream, you can improve the success of each lesson regardless of crowd size.

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