Mar 3, 2022

What Is Video Marketing and Why Is It Important for Your Brand

Marketers once sought to utilize compelling and exciting imagery as a companion to informative text and content. Today, the value of using videos has far surpassed that of a strong image. Marketing professionals and brands have learned over the years that videos are an integral part of any successful marketing strategy. But in order to leverage videos for an optimal ROI, you must have a clear understanding of what video marketing truly entails.

What Is Video Marketing?

The concept of video marketing is a fairly simple one —  a brand creates and uses videos to promote a product, service, or raise awareness about the brand itself. Currently, nearly 90% of marketers incorporate video marketing in some capacity into a brand’s marketing campaign. But how many of them actually do so successfully?

Video marketing encompasses much more than simply creating a video and publishing it on an online video platform. When done properly, video marketing can serve to boost click-through rates by 200-300%. That’s because 90% of consumers state that watching a video significantly influences their purchasing decision.

The above statistics are some of the reasons why video marketing is so effective. But you’ll only achieve such high levels of success if you take full advantage of all the tools and resources available to you. From developing video scripts to defining your goals to choosing the right camera and video editing equipment to publishing your videos on the right platform, the full approach to video marketing is a comprehensive strategy.

Viostream is a business-oriented video platform for companies that makes it easier to create, manage, and share videos with your target audience. With unparalleled security and exceptional analytics, Viostream can help you take your video marketing campaign to the next level. Start your free trial and see for yourself.

Video Marketing Strategy Tips

Video marketing is a highly powerful sales tool. Video marketing strategies can encompass a wide range of tactics. For example, you can use videos as part of your social media marketing plan, increasing the effectiveness of your feeds and improving engagement. Or, you can use videos to showcase the features and benefits of your products and services as well as highlight how your products serve as a solution for customer pain points.

The key to developing a strong video marketing strategy is twofold:

  • Define your goals. What are you hoping to achieve with your video marketing campaign? Are you seeking to build brand awareness or introduce a new product or service? Perhaps you are attempting to drive more traffic to your website or a specific landing page. Knowing first what it is that you hope to achieve will enable you to better create effective and engaging videos that resonate with your audience.
  • Choose where you will be publishing your videos. Many brands choose to use free video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. However, such platforms often have limitations or issues with security. For example, when publishing videos on YouTube, you have no control over what ads the platform will run before your own video starts to play. Longer videos are often interrupted several times by even more ads.

Additionally, sending viewers to a free video publishing platform can cause them to veer off the buyer's journey map you have created. There are lots of other distractions on those pages, and you really want them to stay focused on your content.

Many brands instead use an enterprise-grade video management platform such as Viostream. With Viostream, you can easily and automatically publish new videos by topic or channel to a secure video portal. Additionally, the account management and analytic features enable you to view video performance, audience engagement, and viewing patterns, which helps you better understand your video trends.

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Types of Videos Used in Video Marketing

As mentioned above, there are several types of videos that can be used for video marketing. Each particular video is designed to accomplish one or more specific goals. Common video marketing types include:

  • Product Films. Videos that focus on showcasing the benefits and/or features of a particular product or service. Product videos can also be used to show why your product is a better choice than that of a competitor.
  • Social Media Videos. Videos designed to increase awareness by further engaging your target audience by telling some kind of story. They should be entertaining, interesting, and captivating.
  • Corporate Branding Videos. This video should serve to explain your company philosophy and ideals to your audience, helping them to connect with your brand.
  • Testimonials. Testimonial videos provide consumers with a perspective of your product by a like-minded individual. The testimonial works best when the customer describes how your product or service aided in solving a problem, and why they chose your company over others.
  • Expert Interviews. These videos help build a deeper connection with your audience and also serve to establish your brand as an expert in the industry. Interview questions should focus on topics that will resonate with viewers.

There are other types of videos used in video marketing, and, in time, you may come to use them all. But by starting with the above you will not only gain a better understanding of how effective video marketing can be but also how best you can appeal to the wants and needs of your audience now and in the future.

How Viostream Can Help

Viostream is a simple, yet powerful tool that enables you to easily manage, analyze, and maximize your video content from one platform. This robust platform features advanced analytics and the ability to embed videos directly on your website, making it an ideal marketing tool for building brand awareness, generating more leads, and hosting virtual events for your audience. Get started today with a free trial.

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