What Is Video Messaging for Work?

What Is Video Messaging for Work?

Most people who use smartphones today know about the power of video for connection. You can talk in real time via FaceTime, make a splash on social media with Instagram reels and leave messages for people with Marc Polo. But most people don’t know about video messaging for work. In reality, video messaging is a tool that, when utilized in the workplace, can result in more effective communication with team members. If you’re not sure what video messaging is, or how you can use video messaging for work, here are some ways the technology can benefit your business.

What Is Video Messaging for Work?

When you use video messaging for work, you communicate with someone by sending a video instead of a written message. Think of video messaging like texting, except instead of getting words, they’re getting a short video of your face.

Video messaging for work can be used in a variety of contexts. You might communicate with a colleague about the status of a project using video messaging. A manager could use video messages to deliver assignments or feedback to employees. Assistants may ask questions of bosses by sending a video message, or the entire company might receive video messages each morning explaining upcoming events for the day. Essentially, work video messages replace emails and texts by allowing colleagues to exchange information quickly, eliminating the need to take the time to write messages in words or text.

What Are the Benefits of Video Messaging for Work?

Video messaging isn’t just a new technology companies can use in the workplace. It’s actually a very beneficial tool that can help companies do their job better. Here are some benefits of video messaging for work and why you might consider incorporating the practice into your internal communications plan:

  • It is a clear and easy way to provide instruction. Using video messages to explain new tasks or clarify points that employees are stuck on is a powerful and effective way to make sure everyone understands what they need to do, without having to type out long explanations. Video messaging even allows for demonstrations. Use video messaging for fast teaching and clarification.
  • It helps build rapport. Text-based messaging can seem impersonal and dry. Using video messaging allows team members to see the sender’s facial expressions, hear their voice and get a sense of their personality. This can help boost morale by creating stronger bonds between team members and managers. It is also key during onboarding, when people are really trying to get a sense of new colleagues and company culture.
  • It is fast and convenient. It takes time and focus to type out a message to someone. It is quicker and more straightforward to talk through a problem or assignment than it is to use written communication to discuss it. When you rely on video messaging for work, you can get short, clear messages to team members without having to think about how to explain it in written form.
  • It’s an accessible option: For those who cannot see, reading text messages can be complicated and require special software. If video messaging is adopted, those with visual disabilities can take advantage of the fact that the videos have an audio component from which they can learn.

How Viostream Can Help With Video Messaging for Work

Ready to take advantage of the power of video messaging? Viostream allows you to harness the power of video in the workplace.

Viostream is one of the world’s leading video platforms for businesses. Record and share videos to a library in the cloud, where only the intended people can access the video.

Want to see how Viostream can help out your video efforts? Take advantage of our free trial and find out how the features of our platform benefit your company and help you make your business more efficient, more productive, more powerful and more successful.

Evan Parker
Evan Parker
Chief Executive Officer
Evan is the Chief Executive Officer, with over 15 years of leadership experience across technology, management consulting & military service.
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