How to Create Your Best Virtual Town Hall Meeting Ever

How to Create Your Best Virtual Town Hall Meeting Ever

Virtual town hall meetings (sometimes called "all-hands meetings") let you communicate with employees in a digital space about various company-related topics. These events should engage your workforce and encourage collaboration, but they can be difficult to pull off. Make your next virtual town hall more interesting with these video creation tips and learn why you need an online video platform like Viostream for more effective communication. 

Communicate Topics in an Engaging Way

Virtual town hall topics aren't always the most exciting. You might need to review last month's sales data or discuss the latest update to your corporate policies, for example. Whatever the topic, you need to engage the attention of everyone that attends the meeting.

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To boost the engagement of your attendees, try the following techniques:

  • Use visuals like graphs, maps, charts, images, and pre-recorded videos to convey important information. Research shows visual content increases online engagement by as much as 650%.
  • Encourage attendees to get involved in your town hall by asking questions and sharing their comments with the rest of the attendees.
  • Break down complicated information into bite-size chunks so attendees don't get bored.
  • Keep your virtual town halls short. An hour is about the right length. 
  • Add a guest speaker or two. Virtual round tables, where several speakers discuss a given topic, can be an effective way to engage your audience.
  • Write up meeting notes and post them on your intranet page. Email these notes to any guests who couldn't attend your event. Doing so will improve internal communications significantly. 
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Use the Right Equipment

The technology you employ can make or break your next town hall. Invest in the right digital tools to make your virtual meetings more accessible for employees wherever they are in the world. Using outdated tools will make it hard to communicate your message to your audience. Here are some tips for using the proper equipment for virtual town hall meetings:

  • Choose a good-quality camera and microphone. Good quality AV equipment is no longer out of reach for the average consumer, so don't feel as though need to spend thousands of dollars to get decent results.
  • Use an online video platform like Viostream to host live streaming events with less stress. Viostream has a broad range of live streaming and video-on-demand features for digital town halls, including sharable live URLs, social sharing, guest management tools, enhanced security, and advanced analytics. To see these features in action, start your free trial now.
  • More businesses are using streaming video to host events like town hall meetings, but they require additional tools to engage with employees. Increase your technology budget to cover any costs involved in organizing live digital events. Although managing virtual town halls requires an initial outlay, it could provide you with a return on your investment as you communicate invaluable information with employees around the world.

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Increase Attendees at Your Event

Even if your town hall isn't mandatory for employees, you still want as many people as possible to participate. To increase online turnout:

  • Publicize your event through social media, email, and intranet pages. Give attendees plenty of notice about your town halls and make your invitations interesting. Include the topic you will cover and the benefits of attending the event. 
  • Create partnerships with other local organizations to make your virtual town halls more attractive to employees. For example, you could partner with a non-profit in your community and allow them to present their mission, thus raising awareness on a specific public welfare topic.
  • Increase interactivity with live quizzes, games, and competitions to make your events more exciting for employees.
  • Collect feedback from employees about previous town halls. Find out what parts of your event engaged attendees the most. 

How Viostream Helps

Viostream is the preferred video creation and management solution for businesses and governments that want to host more engaging virtual town hall meetings. For almost 20 years, Viostream has provided the latest video technology for organizations in various sectors with a wide range of video-on-demand and live streaming features that power communications. 

Viostream offers virtual town hall organizers the following features:

  • Enhanced security for digital town halls that protects sensitive information and guest lists
  • Analytics that let you track how attendees engage with your town halls
  • Technical features like HTML5 playback and 4K support
  • Live URLs that you can embed in your website, blog, and other platforms to encourage more people to attend your virtual town hall meeting
  • Personalized video galleries where you can keep recordings of your town halls for future playback
  • Video recordings and other playback features for boosting asynchronous communication
  • Accessibility features such as captioning and interactive transcripts so more people can take part in your town halls
  • Calls to action that inspire attendees to get involved during and after your town hall meetings
  • Features that make it easier to manage guests and facilitate communications
  • Video management features not available on free streaming platforms such as YouTube

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Virtual town halls communicate business-critical information to employees via the internet. However, many businesses and governments struggle to make these events engaging. Follow the tips above to make your next virtual town hall meeting your most exciting event yet and use a live video streaming platform like Viostream for better interactivity, security, analytics, and media management. 

Viostream is a top video solution for governments and businesses that want to host interactive and engaging virtual town halls. Contact our customer support team to learn more about how Viostream can serve your business or organization.

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