Workstyle Transformation: What It Is, and Why You Need one

Workstyle Transformation: What It Is, and Why You Need one

If you run an organization, you know that the way to stay relevant is to always be innovating. This is especially true when it comes to how you assemble and treat your workforce. Your team is the cornerstone of how your company functions, and you should always be thinking of ways to improve how to show them that they are appreciated and help them get better at collaborating in the work that they do and skills they have. Employee morale can make or break a company, and not regularly improving the way you engage with employees or assessing the opportunities you offer them could result in a high turnover rate.

You want to hire great employees and keep them on your team. Work should feel like an opportunity to grow, not a place to get stuck. However, it is common for employees to feel stunted and trapped in their jobs when they are not treated with respect and care by colleagues and managers. If you want to ensure your team stays focused, happy, and productive, it may be time for your company to consider workstyle transformation.

What is Workstyle Transformation?

Workstyle transformation is the process of expanding employee capabilities and employability, often through the use of adult learning and training tools. If you undertake a workstyle transformation, you'll find yourself shifting your focus toward ways that you can make your workers see their work as a growth and empowerment opportunity.

Helping employees to grow and learn, and then acknowledging that growth, will not only boost morale at the office, but it will also ensure that the workhorses of your operation get better, faster, and stronger in their jobs.

One great way to help employees learn and move forward is by using a video learning management system (LMS) that is easily accessible on a platform like Viostream. That way, employees can train on their own time and at their own speed, thereby ensuring that they're learning in the manner that is most effective for them.

Why Consider Workstyle Transformation

There are many reasons that your company should consider workstyle transformation. If you're trying to help a stagnant company grow, or trying to offer new services that need a supportive team behind them, a workstyle transformation may be particularly useful.

Here are some of the benefits to a workstyle transformation for your company:

  • Employees feel more valuable and appreciated.
  • Employees are so well-trained on processes and products that you would be proud and confident to have any one of them serve as the face of your organization when speaking to customers or clients
  • Improves processes and boosts productivity so you become a more efficient organization, thereby reducing costs while increasing output and maximizing revenue.
  • You can ensure learning is accessible and effective for all team members, not just the ones that work in the office every day. This helps every employee stay on the same page and feel equally valued, even if you don't see them face-to-face every day.
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What Does a Workstyle Transformation Look Like?

A workstyle transformation looks different for every organization. That's because each company needs to shift the way their specific team works in their own unique way. Here are some common ways a workstyle transformation happens, and ways they help companies evolve:

  • Shifting to a hybrid work schedule. Set up a system where everyone is in the office on certain days of the week, while other days are set aside for people to work or train remotely.
  • Updating harassment policies to protect a wider array of at-risk populations. Many commonly overlooked groups include LGBTQ+ community members, people of East Asian descent, and others.
  • Digitizing processes that used to be manual so that they are faster or accessible remotely so people can work away from the office. For example, creating branded training via videos on a platform like Viostream can make employee training easier and more likely to be completed, because it can be done wherever the learner is most comfortable and whenever they have the most time. Start your free trial and see how Viostream can support your workstyle transformation.

To see a real-life life example of how a workstyle transformation can look and work, check out this document by Fujitsu that summarizes their successful workstyle transformation process.

How Viostream Can Help with Your Workstyle Transformation

A workstyle transformation can make your team members happier and more productive, which in turn will make your company more efficient and more profitable.

If your organization is ready for a workstyle transformation, a tool you may find immensely useful is Viostream. Viostream is a leading online platform that enterprises use to host, share, organize and manage videos. Viostream is a particularly powerful solution for companies who want to train their employees via videos and need a central place to store those videos where employees can access them whenever and wherever they need to watch.

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