The Best Streaming Platforms for Enterprises Using Video in 2022

The Best Streaming Platforms for Enterprises Using Video in 2022

There's no doubt that video is one of the most powerful tools that businesses can utilize today. They can draw in large audiences who are looking to be entertained, engaged, or educated. Videos are so popular because they capture viewers' attention, deliver messages with narrative or emotion, and help boost retention. Also, recording and using videos internally can help sharpen your company's training methods, by allowing narratives to infuse into company teaching materials. Videos are also vehicles for circulating internal news more effectively than the written word alone. Video has been proven to be one of the most powerful and engaging communication methods available today. That’s why the video solution Viostream, one of the best streaming platforms for enterprises, has dedicated itself to making the publication and sharing of videos as easy as possible for businesses.

With that said, there are numerous streaming platforms on the Internet that allow large enterprises to publish, manage and stream videos, and it can be hard to know which one to choose. Luckily, we've identified the three best streaming platforms for enterprises this year to help you determine which solution is best suited to your business.

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Viostream is one of the best streaming platforms for enterprises and corporate videos in the world. Since its beginning in 2002, Viostream has become the leading video platform for both governments and enterprises across the globe. Here are some of the aspects of Viostream that make it particularly well suited for professional organizations:

  • CMS Integration. Viostream integrates your videos with your CMS. This allows you to utilize video to help move prospects through the customer journey while giving teams across your organization easy access to the content they need.
  • Extensive Cloud-Based Video Library. When you use Viostream you can take advantage of a large, cloud-based video library where you can store, manage, edit, and organize all of your videos. Your team can access these videos, as well, as long as they are located somewhere where they have an Internet connection. A cloud-based video library is handy for holding something like a learning management system—or for using to onboard remote employees, who can feel brought into the fold and the culture of a company no matter whether they work in an office or work remotely, from afar.
  • Live Streaming. Not only can you publish videos with Viostream, but Viostream also provides access to live streaming, which is an essential communication tool for your remote workforce.
  • Internal Communications Focus. Viostream wasn't built for publishing videos to draw in the public. The team behind Viostream created it specifically with corporate teams in mind and a focus on employee education and corporate communication. Because of that focus, you can use Viostream to deliver motivational speeches, announcements, and training videos with incredible ease.
  • Security. An essential component of your video streaming platform is trust. As the video streaming platform of choice for governmental agencies, you can rest assured that, when you use Viostream, you are working with a trusted partner who will make sure that any content you publish is secure.
  • Trusted Reputation. Viostream is an international favorite for enterprise videos. It has also long been the most trusted video platform for all enterprises and government organizations across the entire continent of Australia. Its long-trusted reputation means that it's a tool that both businesses and individuals should feel safe and comfortable relying upon for handling their data and information carefully, and for being a reliable tool in terms of up-time and great customer service from the company.

To see Viostream's video management tools in action, sign up for a free trial and test drive the platform for 14 days.


Kaltura is a popular platform that companies use to publish and broadcast videos, as well as to live stream. Kaltura is one of the world's best streaming platforms for enterprises in the educational realm because it can reliably facilitate remote work and allow for organizations and educational institutions to hold meetings with people around the globe, not just in their geographic vicinity. Here are some of the best features of Kaltura:

  • Tailored for Educational Institutions. Kaltura has great features for educational institutions, but it is not well-rounded for other types of users. If you don't work in education, you most likely will not be able to benefit from the use of Kaltura.
  • Virtual Collaboration Capacity. Kaltura has an outstanding capacity to facilitate online communication and collaboration. The platform can host meetings, webinars, town halls, and more.
  • Media and Telecom Features. Kaltura is advanced in that it has Cloud TV Platform covering software and service.
  • Virtual Event Features. The virtual event features of Kaltura facilitate more community interaction and discussion than their simple meeting functions. Kaltura has a virtual event platform that allows many people to attend one online event.


Brightcove is one of the best streaming platforms for enterprises on the web today, especially if you run a giant business. It is a solution best suited to large-scale companies that want to publish a large number of videos and expect high traffic. By compressing your videos and storing them in their cloud, the platform reduces your storage needs while still providing a positive streaming experience for the viewer.  If you want to know more about Brightcove's best benefits, some of them are:

  • Almost Exclusively for Large Enterprise. Essentially, Brightcove is exclusively tailored towards enterprise clients. Anyone who does not run a large business will not benefit from Brightcove's use in the same way a large business will.
  • Sales Focused. Companies whose sales teams use video as a tool for selling will benefit from Brightcove. Brightcove lets you connect with your audience via video, then it collects data about how audience members use your videos, so you can get insight into what is working to engage the people you want to sell to, and which of your efforts are falling flat.
  • Media and Broadcast Features. The biggest media companies in the world can benefit from Brightcove. It simplifies the delivery of video to very large audiences.
  • Monetization. Because Brightcove caters to companies that attract large audiences, it gives users the ability to monetize their videos, which can be useful if you're using video at your business to generate income.

How Viostream Can Help Your Enterprise Share Videos

There are so many video streaming platforms across the web. And, there is a reason that Viostream is one of the most popular streaming services with enterprises around the world. Viostream offers an incredible array of features that helps you take advantage of the power of videos to reach people, and it also offers your company the capacity to manage and maintain all your video files in a way that is organized, easy-to-access, and convenient. Whether you run a small startup or a large company that has been in business for decades, Viostream has a plan and product that can meet your needs.

With a focus on security and helping you build a strong internal communication structure, Viostream offers one of the best streaming platforms for enterprises. Viostream can help communication, education, and more. You can also take advantage of Viostream’s live streaming video capabilities and branded video pages to create a rewarding and high-end experience for your customers, employees, and stakeholders. Viostream appeals to all of the video needs that large enterprises have—and more.

Ready to see if Viostream is the right video solution for your company? Start your free trial now.

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