How Businesses Use an Enterprise Video Streaming Solution

How Businesses Use an Enterprise Video Streaming Solution

The right video streaming solution doesn't just stream videos. It protects your data, provides technical support, optimizes live and recorded content, and lets you control who views your videos. As a result, you can improve security, create more engaging content, and reach new audiences.

Typically, a consumer-grade video platform won't provide businesses with the features they need. That's because these tools were created for the general public and can't cater to the ever-demanding requirements of an organization that wants to expand its video marketing campaigns. An enterprise video streaming solution, on the other hand, satisfies the needs of a growing business like yours.

Improve Security

A data breach can have a devastating financial impact on an organization, with the average breach costing $4.24 million. Aside from these costs, cybercrime can jeopardize a company's reputation. That's why successful businesses invest in an enterprise video streaming solution that protects all the data that flows through a video platform. That could be everything from a company's credit card details to employee names and addresses, usernames and passwords, and sensitive sales data.

The best video streaming solutions come with access controls, limiting videos to specific teams and departments and protecting against insider threats. Another feature is data sovereignty, which guarantees data never leaves the country or countries you specify.

Viostream's enterprise video streaming solution comes with the security features listed above, as well as domain whitelisting, Single Sign-On (SSO), and IP address and geographic restrictions. Therefore, you can protect your sensitive video data and keep it out of the hands of cybercriminals. Learn more about Viostream's security features here.

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Optimize the Viewing Experience

Consumer-grade video streaming platforms typically lack advanced video management and sharing features that help you engage with audiences. An enterprise video streaming solution, however, comes with additional functionality that improves the viewing experience for people who watch your videos. The best platforms offer accessibility features such as closed captions and audio transcriptions so everyone can enjoy your content, regardless of ability level. Also, look out for functionality such as video galleries that let you keep your videos in one location for easy access. Galleries and portals are a great idea if you have vast video libraries or a series of videos that you want your audience to watch in sequence.

Viostream's video content management system (CMS) lets you control the user experience with all the features listed above. Plus, you can optimize the quality of your videos, add CTAs to content, embed videos on other websites, customize video players, and make your content available anywhere in the world. Discover Viostream's video management, sharing features, and why we are the preferred home for enterprise video streaming solutions. Or, to experience the platform's many benefits firsthand, start your free trial.

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Track Video Content Performance

Consumer-grade platforms might come with basic analytics tools that tell you how many people watch your videos and not much else. An enterprise video streaming solution, however, provides you with a wealth of real-time data reports that cover almost every aspect of your video content management strategy. For example, you can find out the most popular moments in each video, how viewers engage with your content, and where in the world your audience originates.

By tracking video content, you can learn which videos resonate the most with your audience and replace unsuccessful content quickly. Depending on your business goals, this can help you improve engagement, generate more sales, and increase the visibility of your brand online.

Viostream's video analytics features provide you with the latest video intelligence so you can make smarter decisions and engage with audiences on a deeper level. Viostream syncs with business intelligence (BI) tools like Tableau and Power BI, letting you access incredible insights about your videos and the people who watch them. Find out more about Viostream's analytics features.

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Successful businesses need more features than a consumer-grade video platform can provide. Many invest in an enterprise video streaming solution to improve security, optimize the viewing experience, and track the performance of their video content. By doing the same for your business, you can improve engagement with audiences and create effective video content time and time again.

Viostream is an enterprise video streaming solution that offers more video security, analytics, sharing, and management than consumer-grade platforms. Start your free trial to experience the difference a professional video host can make at your business today.

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