Jul 25, 2022

5 Types of Corporate Videos to Produce in 2022

While marketers have realized the power of video for reaching external audiences for quite some time, many businesses are still unaware of how effective the medium is for communicating to internal audiences. Sadly, those businesses that haven’t yet adopted video as a primary method of internal communication are doing themselves and their employees a disservice. Videos are more engaging than text, documents, or emails, and more cost-effective and time-effective than instructor-led classes.

Corporate video usage offers a company many benefits, such as the ability to quickly share large amounts of information with employees at any time or location. This is a critical point of detail in a modern workforce where many employees work remotely or as part of a hybrid office.

There are also many types of corporate videos to produce in 2022 to improve a company and its workforce. From staff interviews to onboarding videos to compliance training videos to internal marketing videos and beyond, a company that harnesses the power of corporate video is a company that improves its chances of success.

Managing Your Video Content

Before delving into the types of corporate videos to produce in 2022, it should also be noted that many companies use a professional platform to host and manage their video content. Using a professional platform instead of free platforms like YouTube offers improved management and sharing capabilities, advanced privacy and security, and amazing analytics.

Viostream, for example, is a cloud-based app that features comprehensive viewer and engagement reports, enabling a company to better produce many types of corporate videos. In 2022, it just makes sense to utilize this advanced technology. Try a free trial today.

5 Types of Corporate Video to Produce in 2022

The following list of corporate videos to produce in 2022 is by no means exclusive, but it does cover a wide range of important videos that should be an integral part of your internal communications strategy.

Company Culture Videos

As mentioned above, many employees are now working remotely or as part of a hybrid office. As a result, many managers are concerned that the company culture might be lost. The solution to that problem is company culture videos, which serve to tell new employees about your company and its philosophy, as well as keep remote and hybrid employees feeling as though they are still connected to in-office workers.

Essentially, these videos capture the employee experience and motivate your workforce, wherever employees are based. As one of the top types of corporate videos to produce in 2022, make sure your video includes a great representation of your brand's culture and personality.

Onboarding Videos

Also known as new-hire videos, onboarding videos should be another one of the primary corporate videos to produce in 2022. You can produce a single or multiple onboarding videos to ensure training consistency for new hires, an efficient delivery system, and a channel for active engagement. Video-based onboarding will help transition new hires into the company culture and get them readily trained with a strong knowledge of their role and responsibilities.

Company Training Videos

Another type of corporate video to produce in 2022 is an internal training video that you can use to educate your team members on performing a task or using a product. Company training videos are incredibly effective resources for employee education. They can be used repeatedly, so you don't have to take time away from your busy schedule to engage in training every time a new person joins the team. Download our free e-book on Video for Training, Learning and Development.

Internal News and Announcement Videos

You can better explain big events via video than over email. Video allows you to demonstrate emotion and attitude through tone of voice, body language, and more. Videos also ensure that everyone can access the news simultaneously and that your team members can revisit the news to verify details or learn more after their first consumption.

Using videos to share internal news or announcements is a great way to help make your team members see that you are human, increase the feeling of connection they have with you, and build stronger teams.

Compliance and Safety Training Videos

Compliance and safety training has always been necessary to ensure that employees in your company are aware of the laws that must be followed, reducing liability risks and helping your organization operate more effectively. Presenting this vital information through video is much more effective than emails or company handbooks, making this another significant type of corporate video to produce in 2022.

Videos are ideally suited to providing employees, both in-office and working remotely, with subject matter that is more engaging, interesting, and proven to increase information retention. These videos can also be easily updated as compliance laws change and quickly distributed to employees at any time, no matter where they might be working.

There are, of course, many other types of corporate videos to produce in 2022, including:

  • Internal video newsletters
  • Staff interviews that showcase achievements
  • Industry news
  • New product or service videos
  • How-to videos for office-related topics
  • Upcoming event videos to generate buzz

In Conclusion

As you continue to learn more about the different types of corporate videos to produce in 2022 your video library will likely grow.

Viostream is one of the world's leading video streaming platforms for businesses, government organizations, and other groups that are serious about their video content presentation. If you are ready to harness the power of corporate videos in 2022, then consider using Viostream today. You can use our technology to publish and broadcast your videos, and to live stream videos to your team and the public.

Viostream offers you the capability to track your videos' performance so you can ensure your corporate videos have the intended effects throughout the year. Start your free trial today and explore all your video possibilities.

Brendan Sas
Brendan Sas is a digital designer and creator based in Sydney, Australia.
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