Benefits of Online Compliance Training for Organizations

Benefits of Online Compliance Training for Organizations

More organizations are moving compliance training programs online, and for good reason. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most HR departments have digitized learning and development content, allowing at-home workers to develop skills without visiting a physical location. As employees slowly return to the office, online compliance training is here to stay. That's because organizations realize the ongoing value of these programs.

Learn the benefits of online compliance training and why investing in a video platform like Viostream can result in more successful learning and development outcomes.

What Is Online Compliance Training?

Online compliance training programs teach employees about various compliance topics such as:

  • Laws and regulations that affect organizations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and OSHA
  • Company policies that affect employees
  • Workplace diversity
  • Workplace safety
  • Hiring and recruiting policies
  • Company culture

These programs contain training videos about compliance policies, protocols, and processes. Using a video platform to manage and share training videos is the easiest and fastest way to communicate compliance topics to employees. HR managers and others responsible for learning and development within an organization can upload training videos and visual content to a digital platform rather than teaching employees compliance in a physical location.

Not all video platforms provide managers with the same value, however. Data-driven organizations need a video management tool that lets them:

  • Host and manage training videos in a safe digital environment.
  • Track how employees engage with their digital content so learning and development professionals can improve programs.
  • Develop a more knowledgeable and compliant workforce.

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Benefits of Online Compliance Training

There are several reasons to move your compliance training programs online.

1) Save Money

Once you create the compliance training videos, you can use them repeatedly and deliver successful learning and development outcomes. You won't need to spend money on instructor-led training programs in a physical location or pay employees expenses to attend these programs. In fact, research shows that companies save up to 70 percent when they switch from conventional training to online programs.

2) Improve Accessibility

Instructor-led programs in physical locations don't always cater to employees with visual, hearing, or other disabilities. Digitizing your training content, however, can improve accessibility in the following ways:

  • Closed captions for employees who are hard of hearing
  • Audio descriptions for those with visual problems
  • Compliance training for employees unable to travel to your workplace.

The result? Anyone can understand and engage with compliance topics, regardless of their disability.

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3) Track Engagement and Other Metrics

One of the biggest benefits of online compliance training is the opportunity to monitor metrics like engagement, view duration, audience retention, and re-watches, all available in your video hosting platform. HR managers and learning and development professionals can't measure these metrics when compliance training occurs in a physical environment.

Pro-Tip: Look for a video platform that syncs with BI tools for deeper data insights about video metrics. Running audience analytics through a third-party tool like Looker or Metabase can provide you with unprecedented business intelligence that solves various compliance challenges and helps you make smarter decisions about your organization and its employees.

4) Improve Compliance

Compliance issues like data governance and workplace discrimination are in a constant state of flux. That's why you need standardized, digitized training programs that comply with the relevant regulatory frameworks. Online training ensures programs remain consistent, helping you avoid expensive penalties for not adhering to ever-changing compliance legislation.

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How Viostream Can Help With Online Compliance Training Programs

Viostream is a video platform that lets HR and learning and development leaders host, manage, and track training programs from one central hub. This tool comes with an incredible range of video management features, such as:

  • Enhanced analytics that monitor engagement, audience retention, view counts, and other valuable video metrics
  • The opportunity to sync video data with third-party BI tools like Looker for even deeper data insights
  • Users can upload and share training videos from any device
  • Integrations with various learning management systems
  • Accessibility features like closed captions and transcriptions
  • Security features like Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Interactive video chapters
  • Branded video galleries
  • Various pricing plans for organizations of all sizes
  • Excellent customer service
  • Tutorials, guides, and other support for users

Viostream is the enterprise-level video hosting, management, and metrics platform for learning and development experts everywhere. Improve online compliance training when you invest in this all-in-one video tool. Get your free trial now.

Paul Vecchiato
Paul Vecchiato
Paul Vecchiato (Chief Technology Officer) is an experienced technology professional with over 15 years experience in developing and delivering complex web applications across a wide variety of industries.
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