Apr 6, 2022

Enterprise Video Hosting: Why Invest in a Cloud Platform?

Before the cloud, enterprises like yours kept video files on physical hardware like hard drives and flash drives. Today, the cloud provides a safer, more compliant alternative to enterprise video hosting. When you invest in the right video cloud platform, you can improve video management strategies in your organization.

The Cloud Is Safer for Enterprise Video Hosting

Keeping videos on physical hardware increases the risk of those videos being lost or stolen. If someone loses a hard drive that contains an organization's entire video library, for example, that organization might never be able to recover those videos. Physical hardware is also at risk of being damaged in a fire or flood. If such an event occurs, an organization might lose its video content forever.

Although storing videos on local storage infrastructure provides access to content without an internet connection, physical hardware can fail, malfunction, and be costly to replace. The cloud improves enterprise video hosting security with features such as enhanced password protection and encryption, providing you with peace of mind.

Viostream is a cloud-based enterprise video hosting platform that takes security seriously. Features include Single Sign-On (SSO), IP and location-based restrictions, and access controls that only allow select audiences to view content on your enterprise network. You can even limit the embedding of your videos to specific 'whitelisted' domains. With Viostream, you control who views your content every single time. Learn more about Viostream's premium security features for enterprise video hosting here, or start a free trial.

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Share Videos with Ease

When you store video files on a local drive, you might send each file via a USB or DVD, which can be time-consuming. Now, imagine you had a series of lengthy videos that you want to transfer from a local drive to your website. If each video file was a few gigabytes in size (which is common for modern videos), the whole process could take you days. That reduces productivity in your organization and might make you reluctant to create more videos in the future.

Enterprise video hosting in the cloud makes it much easier to share content with customers, clients, and co-workers. The best video hosting platforms let you share videos with audiences via a URL connected to content stored galleries and channels. You can even embed videos into your website or blog, which provides viewers with speedy access to your content. There's no physical hardware to worry about with the cloud.  

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Improve Compliance

Many enterprise videos contain sensitive information. For example, a training video for sales teams might include case studies featuring real-life customers. Keeping videos with personally-identifiable information in physical infrastructure, therefore, can increase compliance problems with data governance legislation such as HIPAA or GDPR. That's because local drives lack the security and privacy of modern-day enterprise video hosting solutions.

Hosting videos in the cloud can solve this problem. You can keep videos in a secure virtual environment that cybercriminals or insiders will find difficult to infiltrate, reducing the likelihood of a data breach. Hosting content in the right video cloud platform can therefore prevent you from having to pay expensive government fines for data governance non-compliance.

Analyze Video Performance

It's almost impossible to analyze videos that exist across several hard drives or flash drives. That means you can't generate insights into your video marketing strategies, such as the number of people who watch your videos.

Video analytics is important because you can identify trends and patterns about how people engage with your videos. For example, if a particular series of videos are popular with an audience, you can create more of those videos and become a more successful content creator.

Viostream's cloud-based enterprise video hosting platform lets you monitor and track videos and access valuable data insights for future video marketing campaigns. This platform also syncs data with business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Power BI so you can generate even deeper video insights. Discover Viostream's analytics capabilities, or start your free trial now.

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A cloud-based enterprise video hosting platform comes with benefits that older storage technologies can't provide. When you host videos in the cloud, you can improve security, share videos with audiences, enhance compliance, and generate analytics about your video content.  Viostream is an enterprise video hosting platform that simplifies video management in the cloud. Start your free trial now and experience the ease of cloud video storage free for 14 days.

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