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Sep 28, 2022

How Do You Develop Compliance Training?

How you develop compliance training will depend on the needs of your business. Employees need to know the company's compliance policies and how to follow them. Developing compliance training can be tricky, however. You need to ensure that it is thorough and covers all necessary information while still being engaging and interesting for employees. Here we will discuss how you develop compliance training that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

What Is Compliance Training?

Employee training that is required by legislation, regulation, or policy is known as compliance education. It teaches staff about the relevant laws and regulations for their job function or industry.

When considering how you develop compliance training for your specific organization, the topics you choose will depend on the regulations that apply to your business. Some common compliance topics include:

  • Health and safety
  • Anti-discrimination and harassment
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Environmental regulations
  • Financial reporting and accounting

Health and safety training is crucial because it can help prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. Instruction in safety and health includes, but is not limited to, videos, audio tapes, books, brochures, handouts, slides, classroom instruction or lectures, and in-service training such as tailgate sessions.

Video training is a particularly effective way to deliver compliance training. Employees both see and hear the information, and it can be paused and replayed when needed. Additionally, training managers can easily customize video training to include your company's specific policies and procedures.

One challenge of working out how you develop compliance training is to find the right video hosting platform. Viostream is a powerful video management tool that makes it easy to create, deliver, and track compliance training programs. With Viostream, you can quickly integrate your video modules with other learning management systems (LMS) and track analytics like employee viewing and completion rates. Viostream also makes it easy to update your compliance training content as regulations change, ensuring that your employees are always up-to-date on the latest information.

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Challenges of Developing Compliance Training Programs

Deciding how you develop compliance training is not as simple as it seems. When developing your compliance training, there are several factors you need to take into account.

All Employees Must Receive Required Training

Compliance training is not optional. All employees must receive the training required by law, regulation, or policy. This can be a challenge, especially if you have a large workforce. You will need to develop a system to track which employees have received the training and ensure everyone gets the training they need.

All Employees Must Understand the Training

Another challenge when considering how you develop compliance training is ensuring that employees understand the training. It is not enough to simply provide the information. This can be challenging, especially when the training material is complex or technical.

You will need to ensure that employees have the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on anything they do not understand. The training must be interesting enough to hold employees' attention, but also informative enough to ensure they understand the material.

Your Program Must Remain Current

A final challenge of considering how you develop compliance training is that you will need to ensure that your compliance training program is updated regularly. This is important because regulations change constantly and your employees must comply with the latest rules.

How Can You Make Compliance Training Effective?

When it comes to how you develop compliance training, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The training you develop for your employees will need to be tailored to the specific regulations that apply to your business. However, you can follow some general tips to ensure that your training is effective.

Emphasize the Importance

First, make sure your employees understand why compliance is essential. Explain how complying with regulations can help protect the company and its employees from legal penalties.

Provide Clear Guidance

An important part of how you develop compliance training is to communicate clear and concise instructions on what employees must do to comply with the relevant rules. Use examples to illustrate key points, and provide step-by-step instructions where possible.

Make It Interactive

Employees can practice their learning through interactive learning techniques like online quizzes. Allowing employees to test their knowledge will help them retain the information better and be more prepared when facing a real-life situation.

Incorporate Real-World Examples and Immersive Learning

Another way to create an effective training program is to use real-world examples to help employees see how they can apply the learning material in real-life situations. Immersive learning is also an effective way to teach compliance. This type of learning puts employees in a simulated environment where they must comply with rules and regulations. This can help them better understand how the material they are learning applies in the real world.

Use a Video Platform

In determining how you develop compliance training, you should consider using a professional video hosting platform. HR managers and others responsible for learning and development within an organization can upload training videos and visual content to a cloud-based library and share access with anyone who needs that training. This approach has several advantages over traditional methods of teaching compliance in a physical location:

  1. It allows employees to access the training materials anytime from any location.
  2. It helps to ensure that all employees receive the same information.
  3. It makes it easy to update the training materials regularly.

As a result, using a video platform is an efficient and effective way to help ensure that employees know and comply with all applicable regulations.

Support Your Compliance Training with Viostream

Organizations are under increasing pressure to ensure that their employees comply with all applicable regulations. Training managers need to consider their organization's specific needs when determining how you develop compliance training. 

Employers looking for an easy way to deliver compliance training programs should consider Viostream. Enterprise customers can use Viostream to create and share internal videos, such as compliance training programs and company announcements. The platform includes real-time analytics, domain whitelisting, and single sign-on (SSO), making it easy to manage and secure your video content.

Stuart Auld
Stuart Auld (Head of Infrastructure) is a multi-disciplinary engineer with broad-ranging experience at executive level delivering operational best practice across customer engagement, technology, change management and process improvement.
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