How to Make a Product Demo Video

How to Make a Product Demo Video

If you run a company that sells products, you probably understand that it's essential for customers to fully grasp how to use your product so they can get the most value out of it. If a customer buys something from you and then can't figure out how to use it, they could end up frustrated, resentful, and less likely to do business with you again. One great way to ensure your customers fully understand how to use what you sell is by making product demo videos.

Product demo videos give a thorough, visual explanation of how to use your products by demonstrating their use in action. Your customer support team can use product demo videos to aid customers asking for help. They can also be posted on your social media pages and shared widely, which can be a powerful marketing tactic. Alternatively, you may choose to send product demo videos to buyers automatically after their purchase, ensuring they have the proper guidance right off the bat

Product demo videos aren't just easy and convenient — they're also extremely powerful when it comes to selling. In fact, studies show that 73% of customers who watch a video of a product while considering a purchase are more likely to make that purchase.

If you want to make a video showcasing one of your products in order to harness the power of demo videos, these tips will guide you through the process of how to create a demo video that helps customers better understand all they can get out of their purchase. Doing so helps increase customers' trust in you as a brand and build your reputation as a trustworthy business leader.

Generate A Story With Your Audience at the Center

In your product demo video, don't just show off how to use the product. Tell a story with a familiar narrative structure: a hero (the buyer) who has obstacles that need to be overcome (whatever problems your product solves) and then the solution to overcoming those obstacles (what you sell). By creating a product demo that tells a story, you can grab and keep the viewer's attention while making it clear how your product is going to improve their life.

Write a Script

You may be tempted to wing your product demo video, but in reality, it's important to write your video first, then have whoever is being recorded in the video memorize and deliver lines. By scripting your video before you start shooting it, you can ensure you get all the important information delivered in the video. You can also ensure the product is being demonstrated smoothly and that the demonstrator is not more focused on what they are saying than what they are doing (which is the whole point of the video to begin with).

Don't Record Until You Have Proper Equipment

Be mindful and intentional about where you set up to record your product demo video. Don't set up your shoot in a busy environment where there's distracting noise or movement that could draw eyes away from the demonstration. Also, make sure everything's properly lit so it can be seen on camera and that you have microphones or a powerful camera to capture your audio so that none of your explanations are lost.

Complete the Post-Production Process

Once you've got the setup just right, record several takes of the demonstration. An editor can take the best sections of each take and put them together in sequence so it's smooth and easy to watch. You may also consider adding subtitles to the video to ensure viewers of all abilities can glean helpful information from it.

Once you're happy with the product, publish it and share it widely.

How Viostream Can Help

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