Nov 3, 2023

Five Ways to Humanize Your Corporate Image with Video in 2024

Authenticity and relatability have emerged as critical touchpoints in fostering deeper, more meaningful connections with both internal and external stakeholders, investors, and customers

Gone are the days when a press release or an annual report are the sole touchpoints between a company and its stakeholders. Today, amidst the noise and impersonality of the digital age, there's a tool for corporate communications to bridge the divide between companies and their audience: Video.

Videos, with their unique blend of visuals, audio, and narrative, are perfectly poised to humanize a corporate brand. Let’s explore how. 

The Drawbacks of Traditional Corporate Communication

Traditional mediums, while effective in their right, often lack the emotional depth and personal touch necessary to genuinely connect with stakeholders. Written reports, memos, and emails are essential, but they often fail to capture the heart and soul of a company.

Think about the annual financial reports you've read. The numbers might be impressive, but do they convey the late-night dedication of the team, the passion behind a new product, or the mission that drives the company forward?

The Emotional Quotient of Video

Humans are, by nature, emotional and visual beings. We resonate with stories, faces, and emotions more than mere textual data. Video is the perfect medium to tap into this human instinct.

Imagine watching a video where the CEO speaks passionately about the company's goals for the upcoming year. Their body language, the conviction in their eyes, the tone of their voice—all these elements work together to build trust and credibility. Read our recent article Best Practices for Recording High-Quality Executive Messages to learn the latest tips. 

Five Proven Video Ideas for Corporate Comms to Increase Impact

  1. Employee Spotlights

These are short video segments focusing on individual employees, their roles, aspirations, and even their life outside of work. They can be filmed by employees or a dedicated content team. 

For example, a software solutions firm could roll out a series titled "Life at [Our Company]." Each episode centers on a different employee, from software developers to HR managers. The series not only resonates deeply with the internal team, promoting a sense of pride and belonging, but also with potential hires, giving them a genuine glimpse into the company's culture.

  1. Behind-The-Scenes (BTS) Footage 

Every product launch, campaign, or corporate event has countless untold stories. Sharing BTS footage can provide an unfiltered view of your brand's ethos and hard work. 

On the eve of a major product launch, a cosmetics brand could share snippets showcasing the journey of their product—from conceptualization to the final touches. This raw, unpolished footage resonates with customers, revealing the authenticity behind the polished end product they see.

  1. Leadership Vlogs 

Top-tier leadership, often seen as distant figures, can use video to bridge this gap. Periodic vlogs or addressals can give insights into their thought processes, visions, or even personal anecdotes, fostering a sense of connection and approachability.

The CEO of an environmental consultancy could launch monthly vlogs discussing not just company progress but also personal reflections on environmental sustainability, books they’re reading, and more. This initiative makes them more relatable to employees across all levels.

  1. Storytelling

Humans are naturally inclined towards stories. Narratives about company origins, challenges faced, milestones achieved, or even future aspirations can be powerful tools to humanize your corporate image.

For the anniversary of a long-standing brand, a company could create videos tracing its humble beginnings, showcasing old photographs, interviews with its earliest employees, and anecdotes of challenges faced. It’s not just a corporate video; it’s a heartwarming story.

  1. Feedback and Testimonials

Authentic feedback from employees, clients, or partners can provide an unbiased view of your corporate values and work ethics. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your “champion clients” whose lives have been positively impacted by your product or service.

A wellness app could integrate video testimonials from both its app users and its developers. It showcases the impact of their solution on real lives, humanizing the brand through genuine experiences and emotions. 

There’s a deep need for authentic, engaging, and human-centric communication from companies. Corporate comms teams are no longer just conveyors of information; they are the storytellers, the brand ambassadors, and the trust builders. In this vital mission, video isn't just an option; it's an absolute necessity. Embracing video is the way forward to ensure that the corporate image is not just polished, but profoundly human.

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Paul Vecchiato
Paul Vecchiato (Chief Technology Officer) has been delivering value to users through video products for 15+ years
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