4 Examples of Hybrid Learning Success in the Workplace

4 Examples of Hybrid Learning Success in the Workplace

As more workplaces adopt hybrid working models, employers are also introducing more hybrid learning options for employees, combining in-person and online training that allows your employees to learn at the office or from home, depending on their personal preference and ideal learning style.

What follows are some examples of hybrid learning benefits and how this educational model can enhance learning outcomes for your teams.  

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Improved Accessibility

One of the best examples of hybrid learning success is how it improves accessibility and provides all employees with learning resources. In these cases, when employees with physical impairments enroll in training programs at home, they don't have to travel to attend a workplace or training center in person. Hybrid learning can also help employees with hearing or vision disabilities access learning materials with closed captions, audio transcriptions, and other internet accessibility features. In-person training programs might not provide these employees with the accessibility they require.

Viostream optimizes accessibility by generating automatic captions for learning and development videos uploaded to the platform. The platform analyzes video content, transforms speech into text, and lets you review captions before posting them to your videos. Viostream's premium captioning service, on the other hand, generates 99.9% WCAG 2.0 AA-compliant captions from world-class human translators. Learn more about Viostream's closed captioning features here, or start a free trial and try them for yourself.

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More Flexibility

As you set up additional examples of hybrid learning in the workplace, you benefit from the flexibility it provides. Instead of teaching employees in a classroom-based environment for an entire program, you can supplement in-person training with digital learning for enhanced learning benefits. For example, employees who participate in digital learning can absorb topics and concepts at their own pace and balance their training requirements with family or work commitments. That's because teams can access a learning management system (LMS) or training videos 24 hours a day.

Digital learning also lets you track your training content and discover what modules, videos, and learning resources your teams engage with the most. For example, you can discover how many people watch your training videos and then use this information to fine-tune future training programs, making them more relevant and effective.

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Examples of Hybrid Learning Success: Making Your Workplace COVID-Secure

Since the emergence of COVID-19, many workplaces have limited the number of workers in the office and encourage employees to socially distance. By establishing examples of hybrid learning that let employees study at home, managers reduce the number of team members taking part in in-person training programs.

Hybrid learning can also reduce the costs of training employees at a training center. Team members won't always have to travel to an instructor and can access the same learning materials from home.

Better Communication

Examples of hybrid learning success also include better communication between employees and instructors. While team members might be reluctant to ask an instructor a question in a classroom-based environment, they can communicate with tutors via email or private message and get the required information. Employees don't have to wait until their next training session to ask questions and can converse with tutors asynchronously at any time through an LMS.

Viostream integrates with the most popular LMSs to deliver high-quality videos alongside your other training content. By using videos in your hybrid learning model, you can improve knowledge retention, engage viewers on a deeper level, and make learning content more interactive. Viostream offers a wide range of video management features, including portals for curating groups of training videos, video embeds, and a high-quality media player that broadcasts videos across devices. Discover Viostream's video management capabilities, or start your free trial now.

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Examples of hybrid learning in the workplace are improved accessibility, more flexibility, awareness of public health and safety, and better communication. Incorporating hybrid learning into your organization helps you deliver training resources to real-world and digital environments and create more successful learning outcomes for both instructors and employees.

Take hybrid learning to the next level by using a video streaming platform that broadcasts training videos to workers at home and in the office. Viostream is an enterprise video hosting platform that helps your organization capture these and other examples of hybrid learning benefits. To see for yourself, start your free trial now.

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