Innovative Internal Communications Tools for 2022

Innovative Internal Communications Tools for 2022

Did you know that business leaders spend around 80 percent of their workdays communicating? That 80 percent includes time spent in meetings, talking to colleagues on the office floor, writing newsletters and all the other tasks associated with internal communications. The latest technology, of course, makes all this information exchange possible. Here are some of the most innovative internal communications tools for 2022.

Innovative Internal Communications Tools for Texting

With an open rate of 98 percent, text messages are even more effective than email when it comes to critical communication. Need to send employees a quick text message when they're out of the office? Here are some of the most innovative internal communications tools:


Send text messages to multiple employees through your computer with SimpleTexting. You can schedule messages hours or days in advance and improve internal communications in the process. Prices start from $25 per month, which might make this platform a cost-effective alternative to your phone carrier, depending on how many messages you send.


WhatsApp is the world's most popular messaging platform, with over two billion active monthly users. Unlike SimpleTexting, it's completely free to send messages to anyone in the world. However, you (and your recipients) need to have an internet connection to send and receive information. Make messages more interesting with images, videos, GIFs, URL links and more. You can send Whatsapp messages on your smart device or your computer.


Trumpia specializes in texting software for companies like yours. Use it to send critical alerts to multiple team members simultaneously or exchange messages with individual employees. Like SimpleTexting, you need to send messages through your computer. However, this platform comes with advanced features such as data capture, online sign-up pages and the ability to convert emails into texts. Prices start from $45 per month.

To make your texts even more engaging, you can add videos hosted on Viostream to quickly exchange information with your employees.

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Internal Communication Tools for Social Media

Employee-only social media networks can be a great way to deliver information to colleagues. They work in the same way as Facebook or Twitter, but come with enterprise-level features that improve internal communications in the workplace.


Described as a "new breed of employee communication platform designed to build natural, meaningful bonds between teams," Workvivo connects team members across departments so they can exchange information and collaborate on projects. Contact Workvivo for a price quote.


A cross between a social network and an intranet, Happeo syncs with Google Workspace to integrate employees across job roles. Contact Happeo for a price quote.

Viostream comes with social sharing links so you can promote internal videos on your favorite social channels. That means you can improve engagement and attract more people to your video content.

Internal Communication Tools for Instant Messaging

Unlike email, instant messaging is a type of synchronous communication that allows employees to exchange information in real-time. It's great for solving problems quickly.


Slack is powerful tool that lets employees exchange messages anonymously in private spaces called 'channels.' In 2021, Slack had 156,000 paying customers, making it one of the most popular instant messaging tools in the world. Slack's paid-for pricing packages start from $4 per user, per month when billed monthly.


Flock is chat software for the workplace that comes with features such as audio and video calls. You can also use it to send polls, notes and task reminders. Flock's pricing packages start from $6 per user, per month when billed monthly.

Innovative Internal Communication Tools for Announcements

Sometimes you need more than SMS, social media or live chat to publish important information. These news-sharing platforms provide you with a place to post newsletters, company documents and lengthy messages.


As well as its live chat and video streaming features, Workplace lets you share announcements with a quick click of a button. You can even keep all of your previous internal documents in one place by building a knowledge library. Prices start from $4 per person, per month.


Used by over 1,000 enterprises worldwide, Staffbase is an all-encompassing internal communications platform for news-sharing and publishing important information. Contact Staffbase for a price quote.

How Viostream Helps

Along with text messaging, social media, live chat and the intranet, you can improve internal communications with the power of video. Viostream is an enterprise-level video sharing and hosting tool that comes with more security, privacy and video management features than you'll find in a free platform like YouTube.

Viostream features include:

  • Branded video galleries
  • Dedicated video portals
  • State-of-the-art audio/video
  • Integrations with learning management systems
  • Integrations with business intelligence platforms
  • Live streaming
  • Live link URLs and video embeds
  • Accessibility features such as transcriptions and audio descriptions

Use Viostream to engage your audience and make internal communications more valuable.

Use Viostream alongside the innovative internal communications tools on this list to exchange information with employees. Start your free trial or contact a team member for more information.

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