Why Invest in a Cloud Video Streaming Platform This Year?

Why Invest in a Cloud Video Streaming Platform This Year?

It's hard to imagine a time before the cloud. But not that long ago, you needed a great deal of management technology to store and share videos. Content creators kept videos on hard drives and other physical technologies that were at risk of getting lost or damaged in a fire or flood.

Thankfully, cloud video streaming made it easier for organizations like yours to host, store, and share videos with customers, clients, and colleagues. Experts predict the global cloud video streaming market will be worth $16.6 billion by the year 2024, and it's not hard to see why. Cloud-based video solutions have revolutionized the way people communicate through video.

If you have yet to join the cloud, here's why you should invest in this technology as soon as possible.

Minimize Upfront Costs

Cloud video streaming platforms minimize the amount of technology required to host and store videos. That means you no longer have to invest as much in hard drives, memory cards, and other physical infrastructure when sharing videos. With a cloud video streaming platform, you can upload your finished videos from your camera, smartphone, or video editing software to the cloud in a few minutes. A streaming platform will keep your video in a virtual environment rather than a physical one, allowing you to save space on your camera or device. You also don't need to create physical copies of your videos from hard drives. When you upload videos to the cloud, all your content is in one place.  

Viostream is a cloud video streaming platform that stores your video in the cloud, allowing you to manage them from one central location. Its state-of-the-art HTML5 player optimizes the broadcast quality of your videos, improving the viewing experience and generating more engagement from your audience. Viewers can watch your videos in curated playlists and branded galleries or as embeds on web, blog, and social media pages. With Viostream, you have limitless options for streaming your videos in the cloud. Start your free trial and test out the Viostream platform for yourself.

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Improve Security

Storing videos with sensitive information on hard drives and other physical objects can be problematic. Anyone, including someone working at your company, can steal a hard drive and expose the content of your videos to the general public, which could put your organization at risk. Physical infrastructure is also at risk of damage from fire, flooding, and other disasters.

A cloud video streaming platform solves these problems by providing a remote, virtual environment where you can store your videos. The best cloud video streaming platforms give you full control over your videos, so you can still access your content whenever you like just as you would with physical infrastructure. The difference is that these platforms keep videos on cloud servers located in warehouses that most people can't access, adding an extra layer of protection. Some cloud video streaming platforms even encrypt your videos so cybercriminals can't access your valuable information.

Viostream takes video security seriously, with an incredible range of security solutions for enterprises that want to protect their data. Features of the platform include access control, domain whitelisting, Single Sign-On (SSO), and IP and geographic restrictions. You control who accesses your videos at all times. Learn more about Viostream's security features.

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Better Video Analysis

It's almost impossible to measure the success of videos stored on physical hardware. By uploading your content to the cloud through a cloud video streaming platform, however, you can track and monitor your videos and see whether they resonate with your audience. Use these insights to make even better videos in the future and improve your corporate communications strategies.

Viostream's analytics tools provide detailed data reports for every single one of your videos you upload to the platform so you can review metrics such as view times, view counts, and engagement. You can even integrate Viostream with business intelligence tools like Tableau and Power BI for even deeper insights. Learn more about Viostream's video analytics.

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Why Choose Viostream For Cloud Video Streaming

Cloud video streaming provides you with an immeasurable return on your investment. Instead of using physical hardware, you can keep your videos in a virtual environment, minimize upfront costs, improve security, and monitor your content's performance.

Viostream is a cloud-based streaming platform with enhanced security, analytics, and media management features. To see if this best-in-class professional video host is right for you, start your 14-day free trial now.

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