Mar 7, 2022

The Essential Benefits of Investing in Cloud Video Storage

Businesses have many decisions to make when it comes to investing in technology services. In order to work with budget constraints, it pays to be smart about the services you're investing in and take care of the most critical options first, focusing on the services and tools that help your business function better in your day-to-day operations.

One of these essential services is cloud storage, a digital tool that has become vital to businesses around the world. Cloud storage is an easy and dependable way to store and access all types of data, including video. It is the technology a solution like Viostream relies on to let companies store and access videos from all over the globe.

Let's take a closer look at why you should invest in cloud video storage, and why Viostream might be the provider for you.

What Is Cloud Video Storage?

The most important thing to know about cloud video storage is that it doesn't store video data in a physical on-premise location, but in a large bank of remote servers known as "the cloud." Users pay a regular fee for this storage, and can then access the data in the cloud from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Cloud video storage offers businesses many benefits. Not only does it bring more convenience and simplicity, but it also helps to protect your business and your corporate video content.

The Main Benefits of Cloud Video Storage For Your Business

There are many benefits of cloud video storage for your business. Here are the most important to consider when you are choosing to invest in the technology.

Your team can work remote

If you rely on videos to support your daily operations, then your team members need to have access to those videos. But what happens if there is a COVID scare or a problem of some kind with the physical space? With cloud video storage, your employees can access your cloud-based videos from anywhere, which makes it easier for your organization to have a hybrid or remote workplace set up. This not only helps you keep people safe and productive, but also reduces capital costs.

Viostream offers companies the opportunity to maintain remote training systems, stream video from afar, and keep a branded video database that can be accessed anywhere. All of these features make having a remote team possible—and even easy. Start your free trial to see how Viostream can help bolster your remote working environment.

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You can make training simple

When you use cloud video storage, training can become a remote process. People can learn on their own time, or they can even study before they officially become part of your team. Many businesses thrive when they set up an LMS in the cloud, so that training videos are easily reachable.

Viostream is a tool many people use for an online LMS. An online LMS helps your employees thrive because they can access training content whenever they needed so they feel more fully supported in their work.

You can enjoy increased security and protection

One of the greatest benefits of cloud video storage is that you have much greater security and protection for your business. While technology has greatly improved the ability of businesses to function these days, it has also made it more difficult for companies to maintain their privacy and safety. Video files and other data can be compromised when stored online, posing risks for brands of all sizes. A reputable cloud video storage provider helps to guarantee that your company video stays protected with extensive security measures. This way, you can feel confident that your internal material won't get leaked to the public.

You can provide consistent access

Another excellent benefit of cloud video storage is that it is a reliable solution, even in the event of service issues and other disruptions that could interfere with your ability to gain access to important videos and other data. When you store your video on a dedicated platform in the cloud, you are guaranteed easy and consistent access to them, even if something goes wrong with your onsite servers or other technology at your business.

Why Viostream Is the Best Cloud Video Storage Investment Choice

If you are ready to invest in cloud video storage for your company, choose a solution that offers you more than a standard video repository. Your business needs a well-rounded video platform that offers live video broadcasting, branded video players, the ability to integrate with a learning management system, and advanced analytics to assess and improvement employee engagement. For all this and more, there's Viostream. With Viostream, you not only get cloud space to store all your company's videos, you'll have access to a comprehensive video hosting and analytics platform that will help you harness the full power of video to grow your business.

If you want to see if Viostream and its cloud video storage offering is the right platform for your company, start your free trial now.

Paul Vecchiato
Paul Vecchiato (Chief Technology Officer) has been delivering value to users through video products for 15+ years
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