Pre-Recorded vs. Live Video: The Battle of the Video Formats

Pre-Recorded vs. Live Video: The Battle of the Video Formats

In 2021, three billion Internet users watched, streamed, or downloaded videos onto their devices at least once per month. Despite this astronomical number (or perhaps because of it?), the battle between pre-recorded vs. live video rages on. Which video format is the best? Which format engages audiences more? Learn about pre-recorded vs. live video below and the pros and cons of each.

Pre-Recorded vs. Live Video: What Are the Differences?

Live video allows you to broadcast content to audiences in real-time. There are no retakes or do-overs. Once you start streaming, your audience can see everything you do as it happens. That adds an element of excitement to live video because you only have one chance to get it right. Make a mistake and there's no going back. When it comes to pre-recorded vs. live video, live content allows for more spontaneity.

Pre-recorded video, on the other hand, gives you the ability to edit your content before you present it to the world. It's more expansive than live video because you can film multiple scenes in multiple locations and stitch them all together during the editing process. Therefore, you can convey information in a more organized way.

The Benefits of Pre-Recorded Video

As mentioned above, pre-recorded videos tend to be more polished than live content. Content creators can re-shoot and edit out all the extraneous content and mistakes. If you flub a line or a loud car interrupts your recording session, you can always press the 'stop' button on your camera and try again.

Another difference between pre-recorded vs. live video is that pre-recorded content can improve accessibility with features like audio translations and closed captions. There's also research that suggests pre-recorded videos, especially those with accessibility features, boost student learning.

Viostream offers an incredible range of video management features for pre-recorded content such as portals, branded video galleries, channel management, enhanced security, content governance and accessibility tools. Learn more or start your free trial and test drive the platform for 14 days.

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The Disadvantages of Pre-Recorded Video

Editing pre-recorded videos can be a long process. You need the right editing software that accepts the file format you used for your video and you might have to painstakingly piece together different scenes, overlay audio, and add graphics. Editing a video can be a lot of work, but the finished product can be well worth the effort.

The Benefits of Live Video

With live video, you broadcast in real-time. Your audience doesn't have to wait for you to film your video, then edit it, then upload it to a video-sharing platform. You can go live with what's on your mind at that moment and get your message out to the world. When it comes to pre-recorded vs. live content, live video wins when it comes to urgency. If you need to communicate with your customers or employees immediately,nothing lets you exchange information quicker than live video.

Take your live streams to the next level with Viostream. The video platform for enterprises offers features such as live URLs and embedded live streams, allowing you to engage with your audience more successfully.

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The Disadvantages of Live Video

Live streaming, like pre-recorded content, requires an audience. But a live video can only reach people who are available to see it at that precise moment. If you want to communicate an important message to your teams in, say, North America and Europe, one team might not be able to watch your stream. due to the difference in time zones. You can always upload a live broadcast to a video platform and turn it into on-demand content but, by that point, the urgency might have gone.  

Pre-Recorded vs. Live Video: Which One Should You Use?

When it comes to what is better, pre-recorded vs. live video, it all depends on you how you want to communicate with your audience. You might think that live video engages audiences more because it offers real-time interaction, helping you connect with your audience on a deeper level, but that's not always the case. In a recent study of Facebook Video, researchers found that live videos from content creators with fewer than 10,000 fans generated more engagement than pre-recorded videos from the same creators. However, pre-recorded videos were more engaging with audiences than live content when posted by content creators with over 100,000 fans.

Ultimately, when choosing between pre-recorded vs. live video, you must consider the urgency of your message, the time you have to create the content, and the video format that resonates the most with your audience.

No matter which option you choose, measure the effectiveness of both live and pre-recorded videos with Viostream, the video platform for forward-thinking enterprises that provides more features than YouTube. Now you can increase impact by measuring video metrics such as engagement, views and targets with real-time data dashboards. You can even integrate Viostream with third-party BI tools for even more insights. Learn more about Viostream's video analytics.

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When considering pre-recorded vs. live video, it is likely wise to think about using both formats. Creating a mix of live and pre-recorded content works well for many successful companies, helping them engage with audiences, exchange information and build their brand identities.

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