Benefits and Problems of Hybrid Meetings Companies Face Today

Benefits and Problems of Hybrid Meetings Companies Face Today

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and even after many returned to the office, hybrid offices and remote work has become the norm. The transition certainly was not without its challenges, but thankfully, today’s ever-advancing technology has facilitated many daily tasks and roles. However, one aspect of a hybrid office that many brands still struggle with is conducting hybrid meetings.

The technology is there, of course, and employees can easily attend a hybrid meeting regardless of their location. But employers have struggled with how to successfully integrate both the in-person and virtual formats in a manner that fosters productivity and engagement. That being said, there are both benefits of hybrid meetings and problems with hybrid meetings. Following are some key points that describe why these meetings, despite some of their cons, are growing more popular.

Benefits of Hybrid Meetings

There are various benefits of hybrid meetings that, when conducted properly, will aid both the business and its employees in improving productivity and efficiency.

Everyone Can Participate

In a hybrid office, it simply isn’t feasible to attempt to plan an in-office meeting, especially when many participants might not even be located in the area. But conducting a hybrid meeting utilizing online meeting application software enables all participants to easily attend. Additionally, you can expand your audience by inviting guest speakers, shareholders, investors, etc., providing a platform for all to speak and contribute.

As another benefit of hybrid meetings, if someone is unable to attend the meeting due to a time difference or other engagement, the meeting can be viewed on-demand at the individual’s convenience.

You Can Offer a Content-Rich Experience Even After the Meeting Concludes

As mentioned above, by recording the sessions, important meetings can be easily viewed again by those who wish to recall certain points. This helps to increase engagement and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the hybrid meeting experience. By utilizing a business-oriented video hosting platform, you can also benefit from advanced analytics and ensure privacy for your corporate communications.

For example, Viostream is a robust, feature-rich video management platform that enables you to monitor video engagement and viewer interest by email registrations and geographic regions within your analytics platform. You can also stream video for internal-only audiences, individual departments, or seniority levels with secure video streaming and video portals. Try a free trial today to experience what a true professional-grade video host can do for your business.

Less Planning Needed, More Cost-Effective

Another one of the benefits of hybrid meetings is that you don’t need to worry about finding a venue that will accommodate everyone. It is further cost-effective in that you don’t need to spend on travel or materials. Simply schedule a meeting and send reminders. Minimal planning and minimal expense are what make this one of the largest benefits of hybrid meetings.

Problems with Hybrid Meetings

Now that we've discussed some of the benefits of hybrid meetings, let us also consider some of problems with hybrid meetings that employers must overcome.

Lack of Contact with Others

As much as many employees enjoy working from home or only being in the office every now and then, there are others that enjoy being in the company of others in a busy office setting. Employers have worried that hybrid offices could result in a loss of company culture, but this can be countered with lively hybrid meetings that allow everyone to stay engaged with one another on a regular basis. This has proven to be one of the largest problems with hybrid meetings.


Another one of the problems with hybrid meetings employers must deal with is worrying about distractions. Employees working from home or in another setting might be easily distracted and miss important information. Thankfully, this can also be countered with providing content during the meeting that holds viewers’ attention, such as demo videos of new products or corporate videos showcasing company achievements.

Poor Internet Connection or Applications

Many meeting applications are occasionally plagued by glitches and bugs. This can be very bothersome when you are trying to hold a hybrid meeting. A poor Internet connection can also be an issue for some since you can’t regulate an employee’s home network.

To avoid these problems with hybrid meetings, consider building an internal video communications strategy. Video works extremely well for communicating with your workforce and are the ideal solution for keeping your remote employees connected with in-office personnel. With Viostream, you can easily host all of your corporate communications to keep your employees connected and your videos secure. Start your free trial today.

Why Choose Viostream for Your Hybrid Meeting Host

Viostream is the ideal platform to share sensitive information with a small group of stakeholders or publicize company news with the world. Working with the Viostream platform you can realize some of the benefits of hybrid meetings as well as overcome many of the difficulties and problems with hybrid meetings. Featuring secure live streaming, superior video quality, and amazing analytics, Viostream offers best-in-class tools to help your business grow.

Furthermore, with top-notch security, privacy, compliance, and video management features, you can quickly optimize your internal communications video strategy for the hybrid workplace.

Contact our customer support to learn more about how Viostream can help your business build an internal communications video strategy, or start your free trial now.

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