Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

Employee engagement is so important it can have a lasting impact on your business. If employees are engaged, happy and excited to come to work every day, this can result in a successful organization. However, far too many workers don’t feel engaged in their jobs.

According to research, only 36 percent of U.S. employees feel engaged at work. When we look at the global statistics, only 20 percent of workers are engaged. If organizations want to increase revenue and boost employee satisfaction, it’s time to make engagement a top priority.

As executives and managers focus on the job at hand, sometimes employee engagement is put on the back burner. While employees understand these busy schedules, there still needs to be an effort by the management team. Over time, poor employee engagement typically leads to low satisfaction rates among workers, and ultimately, resignation. If businesses want a happy, hardworking team, then employee engagement must be made important.

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Looking for more reasons why employee engagement is important? Keep reading to learn the importance of keeping your workers engaged, including how Viostream can help in the process.

Why Is Employee Engagement Important? — It Improves the Employee Experience

Your team is the backbone of your business. That said, keeping them satisfied is an important part of the job. When workers feel like their work means something, they tend to have more energy, leading to a boost in productivity. Engaged employees often go above and beyond when it comes to performance.

While an engaged employee can lead to greater efficiency and production, it can also have a lasting effect on their mental health. If they’re passionate about their work and happier in general, this can also have a positive impact on the rest of your team.

Though employee engagement is important, finding the right process to achieve it can be challenging. For many businesses, videos are a useful way to drive engagement. By using Viostream, you can create, share and store videos all in one place, driving engagement at your organization.

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Why Is Employee Engagement Important? — It Boosts Productivity

A boost in productivity is another top reason why it's so important to boost employee engagement. As we touched on earlier, engaged employees typically lead to greater productivity on the job. These workers understand their value at the business and know their work makes a difference.

No matter what you do in life, you’ll probably be more efficient and productive if you feel a greater sense of purpose with your work. Employees like this tend to work harder, smarter and faster. Highly engaged employees are shown to be 21 percent more productive than those with less engagement.

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Why Is Employee Engagement Important? — It Increases Retention

Employee retention is a massive problem nowadays. Organizations hate to lose long-time employees. Not only that, but training a new employee requires many additional resources—and even then, there’s also no guarantee the new worker will stick around.

Retention is a key reason why many organizations focus on the importance of employee engagement. When the average employee quits a job, it’s often because they didn’t feel engaged. This is especially true for those in high-level positions. If an employee is a valuable asset to your team, losing them could hinder company progress and finding a qualified replacement can be a steep mountain to climb.

If you value the work of your team and want them to stay, then employee engagement should be a huge point of focus. As engaged employees are more loyal and committed to their employer, making their job more engaging can lead to lasting benefits for everyone.

Here at Viostream, we understand why employee engagement is important. Check out our video learning and development solutions for more information on how to keep your team engaged with our custom-tailored video hosting solutions for your business.

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Why Is Employee Engagement Important? — It Improves Customer Satisfaction

Customers are what keep your business afloat. If your customers aren’t satisfied, they won’t be your customers for much longer.

While your products and services have an impact on your level of customer service, employee engagement also plays a significant role. If your team doesn’t feel engaged, chances are they won’t always treat your customers to a high level of service. This is especially true when they are dealing with an unhappy customer. If an unengaged employee is confronted with a dissatisfied customer, you run the risk of losing both of them for good.

When employees feel appreciated and engaged at their job, it tends to show in their level of customer care. If you truly want the best service for your customers, focusing on employee engagement is a must.

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How Viostream Can Help

Viostream is a video platform that can supercharge your employee engagement process. By working with us, our solutions can show you why employee engagement is important. Our easy-to-use video hosting platform allows you to build custom video libraries for all of your team members. Also, you’ll have the ability to track their effectiveness.

With Viostream, keeping your employees engaged is easy. By choosing one of our three convenient packages, you can start building your video library in a matter of minutes. Contact us today to see how we can take your employee engagement to another level.

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