The Pros and Cons of Video Conferencing

The Pros and Cons of Video Conferencing

If you want your business to be as tech-forward as possible, it's important to harness the power of video. Video is a powerful tool because it allows you to master marketing where people are paying attention. It can also enable employee training for a remote team without needing anyone to come into a physical office space.

Another benefit is the potential for video conferencing. Video conferencing uses a platform that enables live connection, so that people can meet with one another in real-time, on their screens, without the need for a centralized meeting location.

There are many advantages of using video conferencing as a central tool for your business. But there are some disadvantages too. Read our list of pros and cons of video conferencing to determine if this method is one that your company should use.

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  1. The Advantages of Video Conferencing
  2. The Disadvantages of Video Conferencing
  3. How Viostream Can Help Your Business with Video Conferencing

The Advantages of Video Conferencing

The following benefits are some of the best reasons to consider using video conferencing at your business.

Reduced Capital Costs

When you have to hold meetings in person, you need enough space and equipment to host those meetings. This means that you need a space in an office that can be utilized for conferencing. That includes chairs for people to sit in, refreshments for guests, tangible reference materials for the meeting, and more.

When you turn to video conferencing instead of in-person meetings, you can cut down on capital costs since you no longer need to pay for the extra meeting space or the physical materials to supplement meetings. Video conferencing allows people to meet remotely, wherever they have an internet connection and have the time and space to converse via their computer.

Expanded Pool of Potential Team Members

If you use virtual conferencing for all meetings as a matter of policy, you open yourself up to hiring a remote workforce that does not need to be in the geographical vicinity of your office. You can pick the best candidates who can add to your team, rather than limiting yourself to the people who live around your headquarters.

Record for Later Viewing

For in-person meetings, recording the event is a separate responsibility that requires additional equipment and staff. For a video conference, it's as easy as clicking a button. Once you upload the video to a shared library, anyone who missed the meeting can "attend" it later. They don't miss out on any vital information, and they won't need a team member to take time away from work to fill them in.

The Disadvantages of Video Conferencing

Even if you are already planning to implement video conferencing, it helps to learn about the balance of the pros and cons. You can then make an informed choice about whether it's the best meeting setup for your business.

Lack of Shared Energetic Connection

Video conferences are more powerful than phone calls, but for fostering an interpersonal connection, the best way to meet remains face-to-face. In-person meetings allow people to read body language and sense one another's energy, and they are very effective at helping people feel connected to one another (and the company). Luckily, video conferencing still allows participants to see each other's faces, which can help people get a sense of each other, even when they're not in the same room.

Technical Glitches Can Interrupt Meetings

Unlike in-person meetings, virtual conferences can be interrupted and held up by technical glitches. These do not affect or interfere with in-person meetings. While technology can impede perfectly smooth virtual conferencing, learning the ins and outs of your video technology and having a support team on-call can ensure that your business continues to operate smoothly even if you encounter a short hiccup with technology.

How Viostream Can Help Your Business with Video Conferencing

If you think that your company could benefit from the advantages of video conferencing, consider using Viostream as your video conferencing platform.

Viostream is a popular choice for video conferencing, and one of the top platforms used by businesses and governments. Viostream also has live streaming capabilities, where your business can broadcast directly to and interact with a live audience. Conversing with that audience might include soliciting and responding to questions, sharing reference materials, collecting comments, and more.

Viostream also allows you to create branded pages where your live video can appear, so there's never any question about which organization is at the helm.

When you sign up for Viostream, you can also benefit from a slew of other perks the platform offers, such as:

  • A centralized video library where you can manage videos
  • Robust analytics that allows you to gauge your videos' success
  • Mulitple methods of control over who accesses your videos to ensure information is seen by the people who need it—and blocked from those who don't.

Contact our support team to see if Viostream is the right platform for your organization. Viostream's business-focused platform can facilitate your video conferences for more efficient meetings. It can serve as a tool to connect shareholders, team members, and customers across the world—no matter where they are physically located.

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