How to Use Videos for Sales: Some Failsafe Strategies

How to Use Videos for Sales: Some Failsafe Strategies

Have you ever watched a TV show and felt emotionally connected to its characters? It’s almost like you know them intimately, like a very close friend. This phenomenon is called parasocial relationships. Despite the one-way communication, you feel drawn to the person you are watching on screen. That’s what videos can do for you. They can help you build an emotional connection with your audience. You can leverage this intimate connection to build trust. Oftentimes, trust is directly proportional to your sales numbers.

Building a foundation of trust is reason enough to incorporate videos into your sales strategy. But it's not the only benefit you get. Read on for more reasons why you should use video for sales as well as few of the best ways to do it.

Why You Should Use Videos for Sales?

The number of people consuming video content online keeps increasing every year. In 2020, according to Statista's cumulative data, 3 billion internet users watched some form of online video content. That is a massive amount of reach for brands and digital marketers. Experts suggest the exponential rise of online video consumption is set to continue. Better Internet connectivity is one of the many factors fueling this rise.

Exponential reach isn’t the only reason to use videos for sales. Here are 3 more reasons why you should be using videos in sales.

Videos Boost Conversion Rates

Purchase intent of users increases by a whopping 144% after watching a product video. Likewise, digital marketers attribute an increase in their conversion rates to videos.

Videos Increase Inbound Traffic

According to OptinMonster, close to 90% of marketers say videos helped them increase their inbound traffic. More traffic to your website means higher chances of lead capturing.

Videos Have a Better ROI

According to marketers, videos have a better return on investment compared to Google ads. Better engagement rates and higher trust are factors that drive the higher ROI.

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At Viostream, you get access to a bunch of business and analytics tools to gauge the success of your video and viewing metrics. For example, a consistent increase in your watch time indicates that users are resonating with your content. Check Viostream's full list of capabilities or sign up for a free trial to see them in action.

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4 Ways to Use Videos for Sales

As discussed, videos are a great sales and marketing tool. But how do you use them in your sales strategy? Here are 3 ways of using video in sales to close more deals.

Lead Generation

How-to videos are the most straightforward way to use videos for sales. They give your audience something valuable free of cost, which helps build trust.

You could also use video content in your email marketing strategy. Using “video” and related words in your subject line can increase your open rates. Emails with videos have exponentially higher click-through rates compared to other content types. You could extend this strategy to other digital platforms. For example, incorporating video links when using instant messaging apps for outreach.

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Remarketing and Follow-Up

Scheduling call times with potential clients can be tough. Instead of scheduling a 30-minute meeting with a sales lead, send them short videos about your product or service that they can watch in their own time. Highlight specific features of your product that are more in tune with what they are looking for.

This strategy of using videos in sales can also work with users who have shown intent but haven't converted. For example, website visitors who have downloaded your free e-book might respond well to short videos reiterating the benefits of your product to target these users.

Increase Retention Rates

If you are selling software-as-a-service (SaaS) products, videos can be a great way to re-engage buyers who aren’t using your product. You can send them videos prior to their renewal date to lower your churn rate.

Another great videos for sales strategy is using videos to resolve customer queries faster and improve retention rates. Identify common customer queries and make short troubleshooting videos for each of them. Pair it with AI-enabled chatbot to expedite your customer-query resolution. Faster query resolution leads to more satisfied customers. That translates to better retention rates.

Don't Forget the Analytics

Sending a video to engage your customers is only the beginning. With your video hosting platform's built-in analytics, you can see where viewers paused or re-watched parts of the video, revealing which aspects of the video potentially appealed to them the most. You can use this data to further tailor your follow-up, thereby increasing your chance of closing the sale.

Don't have a video host with by-the-minute analytics details? Viostream can help. Start your free 14-day trial and see what a business-oriented, all-in-one video platform can do for your sales outreach strategy.

Quick Tips When Using Videos for Sales

There has been an exponential rise in video content online. How do you stand out in the crowd? How do you leverage the advantages of using video for sales? Here are some quick tips that will keep your video marketing strategy in good stead:

  1. Grab people’s attention. Begin with a key pain point of your audience. Starting off with the solution and then building up to it can also be a good strategy to hook your audience.
  2. Add branding. This lets the audience know what they are about to watch. The people who stick to your video despite the branding are the leads worth pursuing.
  3. Incorporate testimonials. Social proof goes a long way in building trust. Featuring genuine customers willing to share their experience in video format is even more impactful.
  4. End with a strong call-to-action. What do you want your viewers to do? And why should they do it? Make it compelling for them to complete the action that you want them to take.

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How Viostream Can Help

Viostream is a dedicated video hosting platform designed to help brands leverage videos for sales and increase their bottom line. In-depth analytics, pre-built templates that are easy to deploy, interactive CTAs, audience tracking, and a whole host of other features can take your video marketing strategy to the next level. Start your free trial to see how a platform like Viostream can help your sales strategy take flight.

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