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Jun 16, 2022

The Benefits of Virtual Onboarding Tools for Government Teams

Government teams do important but difficult work day in and day out. It is essential to have a loyal, well-trained staff who not only know what they're doing but are supportive of each other and able to collaborate well.

The first step toward ensuring a strong team is having an effective onboarding process. Onboarding welcomes all new team members to the workplace, explains the work they'll be doing, and shows new hires who they'll be working with. With government teams, it is incredibly helpful if the onboarding process begins before a new hire's start date. For that reason, virtual onboarding tools for government teams can be extremely powerful.

Virtual onboarding tools enable government employees to begin learning from the comfort of their own homes. These tools also allow you to hire people who will work remotely. Here we discuss the purpose behind virtual onboarding tools for government teams and how they can help your team do the best job possible.

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What Are Virtual Onboarding Tools for Government Teams?

Virtual onboarding tools for government teams drive the welcoming process for new employees and kick off the employees' professional education. Rather than having repeated in-person onboardings, virtual onboarding tools are accessible remotely via an internet connection. Some examples of virtual onboarding tools for government teams include:

  • Onboarding videos
  • Live-streamed onboarding or educational events
  • Video conferencing platforms for government team members to meet remotely
  • Digital informational guides such as a welcome letter, who's who guide, or team member and office photos

The Benefits of Virtual Onboarding Tools for Government Teams

There are many benefits of virtual onboarding tools for government teams that relate to convenience.

Expedite the Onboarding Process

There's a lot to learn when working for a government agency. That's because almost all work that is government-related is manualized, ritualized, and systematic in terms of process. Because there are so many by-the-book processes to learn, a new government hire might be overwhelmed at onboarding. However, with virtual onboarding resources, employees can begin their learning process immediately.

These tools allow you to onboard new team members before they arrive at the office or start their remote work. As soon as the hire is official, you can send your new team member a link to your virtual onboarding tools and resources. This can help give them a sense of ease in a brand-new workplace. It can also help them feel better acquainted with processes, lingo, colleagues, and other specific aspects of their job.

Allow for Learning at Individuals' Pacing

Virtual onboarding tools for government teams are also extremely convenient because they allow team members to learn at a rate that is comfortable for them. Rather than rush new hires through the systems and rules they will be following in their new government role, they can take the time they need to process the information. That will allow them to ensure they're really comprehending what they're supposed to from the educational content. If they haven't understood, they can always go back and watch the information again.

Hire from a Pool of Remote Workers

Virtual onboarding tools allow governmental organizations to hire remote employees. With the ability to hire remote teams, hiring managers can pick from a much wider selection of candidates from across the state or even country. They'll no longer need to limit themselves to people who can get to their office. Government agencies need to hire people who share the values of the mission of the agency, rather than someone who may be nearby or local looking for a job. With access to remote workers, they can be certain they're hiring someone who feels on board with the agency's goals and priorities.

Save Money by Making Reusable Onboarding Resources

Government funding can be notoriously unstable from year to year. As such, the budget for conducting in-person onboarding (space rental, catering, etc) may not always be available. But when you create resources like onboarding videos, you can use them every time you hire a new team member. Not only do you avoid incurring additional costs that come with in-person training sessions, you can avoid asking your senior workers to repeatedly lead onboarding sessions, which takes them away from their regular work.

How Viostream Can Help with Virtual Onboarding Tools for Government Teams

Onboarding is crucial for any work team, no matter the industry. However, when it comes to government teams, employees should be well-versed in the culture of the workplace before they begin the job. They should also have some idea about their duties on the team, as well as how the workplace functions. Having a virtual onboarding process and using virtual onboarding tools for government teams can be an effective way to ensure that your new team members always start off on the right foot.

Viostream is one of the world's leading video platforms for government teams and enterprises. One reason that Viostream is such a popular platform for government teams is that it streamlines the onboarding process. As long as employees have an internet connection, they can access their video onboarding materials no matter where they are in the country or the world. The platform also offers you the ability to live broadcast video. This can be helpful if you ever have live events that team members can't attend in person, but need to see. Viostream also has top-grade security, so you can ensure that no one can view your videos except for the people who are supposed to be watching.

If you want to see if Viostream is a good choice to add to your arsenal of virtual onboarding tools for government teams, start your free trial today. 

Brendan Sas
Brendan Sas is a digital designer and creator based in Sydney, Australia.
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