Tips for Stellar Virtual Presentations

Tips for Stellar Virtual Presentations

Presentations have been proven to be an incredibly effective method of persuasion. Whether you want to get your team onboard with a new initiative or convince sales prospects to buy, presentations give you the power to do so.

Many people think of presentations as an event that happens in a room with a speaker and a visual aid. In reality, however, a presentation can be virtual, and people can attend that presentation remotely via video. They can even see the visual aid accompanying the presentation from afar. To give the best virtual presentations possible, it helps to learn the fundamentals on how to create and deliver an effective virtual presentation that ensures your message reaches the right audience, causes you as little stress as possible, and has the desired effect on the people watching it.

Table of Contents

  1. Practice Your Delivery
  2. Create Audience-Centric Content
  3. Encourage Engagement
  4. Split Screens
  5. How Viostream Can Help with Your Virtual Presentations

Practice Your Delivery

Even if you're not standing in front of an audience when you give your big presentation, you should try to remember that you are speaking to a large group—and speak as if you want to make sure that every person in the audience can see and understand you. Be sure you speak slowly and enunciate, and make sure you're either speaking into a microphone or that you project if you don't have special audio equipment. You can practice your virtual presentation delivery to an in-person audience before you give it to the whole virtual audience, so you ensure that you come across as professional, knowledgeable, and comfortable being an authority on the topic you are speaking about.

Create Audience-Centric Content

When you create your presentation, be sure to center the content around your audience. You want the information you share to be pertinent to them, and you want to be clear about how the information you're sharing can solve their problems. Presentations should encourage people to buy in to your mission or adopt your ideas, so the frame through which you speak to them should be relatable and relevant. How you speak to potential leads you're trying to convince to buy is going to be very different than how you speak to long-term customers whose loyalty you want to foster.

Encourage Engagement

If you are presenting to a virtual audience, don't just speak to them. Encourage engagement so that the audience feels included, even from afar, and so that they stay better engaged with what you are presenting. Platforms can integrate with business intelligence tools that allow viewers to participate in many ways. These ways include: live chatting with other attendees, submitting questions for Q&A, participating in polls, taking surveys, and more.

Split Screens

If you are going to rely on visual aids—like a slideshow—for your presentation, don't just broadcast a video of your projection screen showing the visual aid to your presentation audience. Instead, choose a video platform for your virtual presentation that allows viewers to see a split-screen of what's going on in the room you are in and a close-up of the visual aid. A split-screen allows them to both focus on you while still seeing all the details of your slideshow so they don't miss any important facts, figures, or visuals.

Did you know? Viostream has a split-screen feature in live broadcasting mode so that you can share your presentation visual aids up close with virtual attendees.

How Viostream Can Help with Your Virtual Presentations

If you use virtual presentations to communicate with an audience—whether that audience includes your team members, your shareholders, prospective buyers, or your current clients—you want to ensure that your virtual presentations look good and function properly, and that they are easy for you to create and deliver. For one of the best tools to help with your virtual presentations, consider using Viostream.

Viostream is a leading video platform for businesses and government organizations. With live streaming capabilities, you can broadcast a live feed of you delivering a presentation or deliver a split screen of your visual presentation assets and yourself, talking, to viewers. Viostream makes it easy to market your event to viewers, and you can record your visual presentation and store it in a centralized video library, so people who miss the event live can watch it later.

To find out if Viostream is the right platform for your visual presentations, contact our customer support team to discuss how Viostream can help you take advantage of all of these virtual presentation tips so you can start engaging your team members, updating your shareholders, and closing more sales.

Brendan Sas
Brendan Sas
Customer Success
Brendan Sas is a digital designer and creator based in Sydney, Australia.
Table of contents
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