Sep 14, 2021

What Is Video Distribution?

Today's companies rely heavily on video and video presentations to promote products, interact with industry insiders, reach potential customers, and even conduct daily business.

Video is an essential component for your company and serves several markets to helps you conduct business, reach out to other companies and customers, and create informative video segments for internal use.

With that in mind, you need a reliable video distribution solution. These platforms provide features to efficiently get video from one point to another. Many also offer options suited to businesses of all sizes and all volume requirements.

Video Distribution in a Nutshell

Video distribution, in broad terms, is the process of transferring video from one place to another. When referring to traditional commercial film and video distribution, it describes the process at the end of the video creation cycle. The film has been scripted, shot, edited, and transferred to a physical medium (such as film reels or DVDs). The distributor takes the physical media and disseminates it to various outlets for viewing or purchase.

In the case of modern corporate videos, the process is much simpler. Most likely you will be handling the completed video in digital form only, then uploading that video to a platform where people will view it. This could be an internal outlet, such as an intranet or private video host; or an external outlet such as a social media platform to be used as part of a marketing campaign. In either case, your video hosting platform stands in for the traditional video distributor. Instead of disseminating the video to a movie theater or video store, they send it right to a user's computer or television for immediate viewing.

Video distribution is a service that offers multifaceted solutions for today's modern business. Some features offered by top video distribution companies, including digital video distribution companies like Motioncue, ONErpm, and Viostream can include the following:

  • Video conversion
  • Video editing
  • Content Playback
  • Encoding
  • Styling options

It's projected that by 2022, video-based content will comprise more than 82% of all internet traffic. That staggering figure clearly reflects the need to have a reliable method for delivering your high-quality content to various social media platforms, websites, and third-party sites.

Your company also needs to upload content from a streamlined platform with user-friendly features and a high level of security.

Video distribution covers a wide range of needs for business inclusion, marketing, development, and corporate communications. As a whole, it is diverse and uses many formats, thus requiring the latest technology.

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Internal Video Distribution

Internal video distribution can take place when you share videos in company emails or on internal communication networks such as Slack or a private server. Some examples of when you would distribute video internally are for training, corporate presentations, company updates, and HR bulletins.

External Video Distribution

Another important use for high-quality video creation and distribution is embedding videos on a website to attract traffic or sharing to a social media platform to expand your brand awareness. Videos increase viewer engagement and successfully provide details about your brand or company.

A video often does a better job of getting a message to viewers, and it also helps improve the site's overall ranking on a SERP. Higher-ranking results are a key goal for driving traffic, promoting brand awareness, and creating new connections.

When it comes to both internal and external video distribution, more companies are relying on private video distributors like Viostream. Read on to learn why. Or if your ready to see what a business-focused platform can do for you, start your 14-day risk free trial now.

Why Choose a Private Video Distributor for Your Company

While public sites like YouTube may have a place in your marketing strategy, they are not an all-in-one solution. A private, business-focused video distributor can offer a lot more value.

Media Management Features

As we said earlier, the core of video distribution is simply transferring video from one location to another. However, companies that provide distribution services usually offer a wide variety of options.

One of the tools that top video distribution companies offer is media management. These services allow you to organize and store your media efficiently, regardless of whether you are using it for internal or external purposes. Some features of a good media management tool include:

  • A list page
  • Organization view options
  • Tags
  • Mulitple Channels
  • Text Overviews
  • Branded Players
  • Automated Subtitles

If you have internal video needs, you can create and send videos to specific individuals with a higher level of security. As most executives and management personnel already know, internal video content can contain sensitive data or information. Because you don't want just anyone to watch those videos, you should upgrade their security protocols to ensure video content remains safe — a service that video distribution companies offer.

Easily Control Posting and Embedding

Video distribution for businesses can also involve embedding videos in emails and on websites to increase engagement. You benefit from the ability to post to social media using eye-catching videos that entice viewers to click or comment. After all, social media is one of the best ways to connect with people and grow brand awareness.

The Importance of Working with a Video Distribution Company

The ability to consistently distribute high volumes of top-quality content requires the services of a capable and reliable video distribution company. These companies offer the capability and options to help each business customize its distribution and achieve their best ROI.

You need to distribute videos that speak to the audience and provide a quality viewing experience. A top video distribution companies can help.

How Viostream Can Help

Viostream offers a world-class video platform that provides the best solutions for a wide range of business needs, with secure video options and access controls designed to achieve higher internal security and features.

We also offer branded galleries to make videos more attractive and company-specific. You can also take advantage of auto-captioning available with each plan that makes it easier for you to make video more accessible for ease of distribution.

Besides video creation and management, Viostream delivers video distribution solutions and features to build brands abroad and help increase visibility. Getting started with Viostream's wide range of video creation and management solutions is simple. Contact our support team to discuss your needs and find out what sets Viostream apart from other video distribution companies. If you're ready to jump in and see how Viostream is revolutionizing video for business, start your free trial now.

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