Why Hybrid Work Is Best for Organizations After the Pandemic

Why Hybrid Work Is Best for Organizations After the Pandemic

Hybrid work models are now used by 63 percent of high-growth companies, and for good reason. These arrangements, which balance in-person and remote work, offer the best of both worlds, giving employees the autonomy to choose where they do their jobs. In this post, learn why hybrid work is best for organizations that want to provide teams with more flexible working arrangements.

Why Hybrid Work Is Best for Productivity

The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies like yours to implement remote working arrangements in order to stop the spread of the virus. Remote work was not only necessary, it also resulted in a productivity boost for many enterprises. Many employees relished these new working arrangements and were able to complete day-to-day tasks in the comfort of their own homes without the daily commute or any workplace distractions.

Research shows remote and hybrid working provided a short-term productivity increase in many workplaces, with 57 percent of participants in one study saying their organization performed better against productivity and performance targets in these conditions. By combining remote and in-person arrangements in a post-pandemic world, employees can continue to be more productive while working from home and maintain a physical presence in the workplace, providing employers with a win-win situation.

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Hybrid Work Doesn't Impact Communication

Another reason why hybrid work is best for organizations is that it allows for effective communication without requiring employees to be in the office at all times. With the pandemic-related surge in remote communication technologies, you can communicate with employees who take advantage of the work-from-home element of hybrid work just like you would in your physical workplace. A reliable video streaming platform, for example, lets you live stream meetings and presentations to team members regardless of their location. You can also upload and share pre-recorded videos about workplace topics to keep employees in the loop about the latest goings-on in your workplace.

Not all video streaming platforms are equal, however. While free video tools allow you to share content with employees working from home, most organizations eventually require an enterprise-level platform that comes with premium security, video analytics and media management features. Investing in one of these technologies makes it easier to upload, share and track the success of video content and communicate with workers in separate locations.

Viostream is a video streaming platform that helps you engage with employees who spend part of their time working from home. You can share videos in a secure cloud-based environment, embed videos into websites and blogs, create closed captions, improve video playback quality, use video templates, host virtual events, live stream content and much more. Start your free trial now to see what a difference Viostream can make for your internal communications.

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Hybrid Work Improves Employee Satisfaction

Research shows that hybrid work employees are more satisfied with their jobs than those who work in the office or at home exclusively. That might be because of the freedom that hybrid work provides. When working from home, your team members can balance work with family commitments, set their schedules and eat lunch in their own kitchens. However, employees can also spend time in the office and communicate with colleagues face-to-face. If you adopt this model, you will soon learn why hybrid work is best for improving employee satisfaction.

Hybrid Working Improves Work-Life Balance

Did you know that 72 percent of people consider work-life balance when searching for a job? Another reason why hybrid work is best is employees don't have to commute as much and can spend more time with their families. Without traveling to work every day, team members have more free time to pursue interests and hobbies.

Viostream lets you track videos you share with employees working from home with its incredible range of video analytics features. You can track views, engagement and other key metrics from a single dashboard and integrate video data with third-party business intelligence (BI) tools for even deeper insights.

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In-person and remote work both have pros and cons. Hybrid work, on the other hand, combines the best of both working arrangements and offers employees more freedom and autonomy. That's why hybrid work is best for organizations even after the COVID-19 pandemic. It increases employee satisfaction, boosts productivity, improves work-life balance and doesn't impact communication.

Viostream is a video streaming platform that makes hybrid work easier. This platform lets you communicate with employees who spend some of their time working from home via pre-recorded videos and live streams. You can also track video content, sync video data with BI tools, improve video accessibility, protect business-critical information and more. Start your free Viostream trial today to take advantage of all the features tailored exclusively for the modern business.

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