Why is Training and Development Important for Businesses and Employees?

Why is Training and Development Important for Businesses and Employees?

Workplace training is more than just a box-ticking exercise. Research shows it provides employees with an incredible amount of value. In one recent study, 94% of workers say they would stay with their company longer if it helped them learn new skills. Workplace learning is just as important for younger employees: A quarter of Gen Z and Millennials would leave their jobs if they couldn't learn and grow.

Training in the workplace might include:

  • Skills development
  • Sales training
  • Internships
  • Employee orientation training
  • Management training
  • Health and safety training

Whatever training type you choose, incorporating learning initiatives into your workplace brings multiple benefits for the business and the employees who work within it.

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So Why Is Training and Development Important?

There are many reasons to offer additional workplace training and on-the-job development at your business.

Helps Employees Learn New Skills

OK, why is training and development important? One reason is that it helps employees acquire new skills. What those skills are depend on the type of training you offer but might include soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and time-keeping, or hard skills specific to a job role such as typing, marketing, coding, or mastering a foreign language.

Consistent training programs don't just provide employees with the skills they need to fulfill the roles and responsibilities associated with their current job position. Learning and development can also prepare employees for alternative roles in your organization, including leadership and management positions. By training in-house employees for these roles, you can develop the collective skill set in your organization and encourage team members to stay at your company for longer.

Employment training videos can be an effective way to teach employees new skills simultaneously, wherever they are in the world. Viostream's learning and development platform can help you engage with employees and enhance hard and soft skills.

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Improves Employee Satisfaction

Regular learning and development programs can improve employee satisfaction and make workers feel more valued within your organization. This satisfaction can positively influence their attitudes toward work and improve overall job performance.

"Job satisfaction generally increases, and self-esteem improves when employees better understand the workings of the company," says The Houston Chronicle's Small Business section. "Training can also enhance morale on the job and loyalty to the company."

Investing in training could provide a return on investment if satisfied employees stay at your company for longer. Replacing an employee can be far more expensive than training an existing one, making learning and development a critical component of any long-term business strategy.

Identifies Employee Strengths and Weaknesses

Organizations like yours can use training and development to identify each employee's strengths and weaknesses. You might notice, for example, that an employee has a lack of enthusiasm for a particular project. Or that an employee excels at communication. By recognizing these characteristics, you can utilize employees' strengths and provide additional training that addresses employees' weaknesses.

Why is training and development important? Read more in this blog post.

Enriches Company Culture

Learning about company culture is typically associated with the onboarding process. However, regular training can reiterate company values in your existing employees and make your company culture better. For example, you can communicate mission statements to employees so they have a better awareness of your company's objectives. This type of training can also build meaningful employee relationships and increase transparency and accountability in your organization. Improving company culture is just one of the answers to the question, "Why is training and development important?"

Improves Onboarding

Why is training and development important? Another reason is that you might discover skill gaps and other problems that impact productivity in your organization when training employees. You can then fine-tune your onboarding programs and ensure new hires know to deal with these challenges before starting their job roles. For example, you might notice that some employees struggle with specific computer skills. When onboarding new team members, you can teach these skills and improve overall performance in the workplace.

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How Viostream Helps

So why is training and development important? The short answer is "for lots of reasons." Whatever your goal of your on-the-job training and development program, Viostream can help with a suite of video features that make it easier to teach team members new skills and knowledge. These features include:

  • Video analytics so you can track employee progress during training programs to keep up with who has completed which video training modules and courses.
  • Accessible video features such as closed captions and audio descriptions so you can provide all employees with the same training experience.
  • Dedicated video portals that keep all your learning video content in one place.
  • Enhanced video security features such as user management and platform encryption.
  • Sync Viostream with your learning management system (LMS) for even more successful training outcomes.

Viostream is a top video platform for workplace training, helping you develop knowledge and skills in your organization. Start your free trial and see how Viostream can help answer the question: "Why is training and development important?"

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