Why Use Pre-Recorded Video for Remote Work? Here are 5 Reasons.

Why Use Pre-Recorded Video for Remote Work? Here are 5 Reasons.

Recorded videos do so much for a company. They market the company to a larger audience. They allow for great employee training opportunities. They introduce employees to the company culture and community through onboarding. And recorded videos of live events are a good way to ensure everyone at your company (or in your audience) can attend events even if they can't be there in person.

Recorded videos can do many things, but they are especially important for remote teams. If you have a remote company, you absolutely cannot overlook their power. But, if you manage a remote business, you might be asking: "Why use pre-recorded video for remote work? Shouldn't I be using live video conferencing to make everyone feel like they are together?" But in fact, there many reasons why pre-recorded videos are particularly powerful for remote teams. 

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Why Use Pre-Recorded Video for Remote Work? 5 Reasons Why It Works

The following are arguably the five most important reasons why you should use pre-recorded video for remote work. Investing in a great platform to store, organize, manage, and share your pre-recorded videos can ensure your team functions at its best.

1) Avoid Live Video Fatigue

Why use pre-recorded video for remote work? Because people are sick of talking through screens. With pre-recorded videos, you can avoid video conferencing fatigue. Pre-recorded or asynchronous video communication, allows your employees to watch and learn on their own time. This is especially important for those working out of a home office. If their dog needs to go out or their baby starts crying, they don't need to be embarrassed about delaying the conversation. They'll simply pause the video and resume it at a time, place, and pace that works for them. 

2) Demonstrate Your Trust

By sending an employee a pre-recorded video, you are communicating that you trust them to complete this task without having to watch them through the lens of a web cam. Autonomous work is great for showing employees you believe in them. Knowing that their employers trust their abilities can make work more enjoyable, increase productivity, and boost the likelihood to take initiative. It can also increase retention and create a team that's really invested in all the work they do. 

3) Find the Best Talent--Anywhere in the World

If you rely only on live video conferencing in a remote workplace, the entire team needs to be in places that allow for live meetings that fit everyone's workday. To accomplish this, your entire team would need to live in the same part of the world, if not the same country or state. This either requires schedule coordination, which isn't always possible, or imposing limits on your talent pool.


So, why use pre-recorded video for remote work? You allow yourself to access the best employees from all over the world by using pre-recorded videos, which makes time zones irrelevant. Pre-recorded video has the same power of communication as live video without asking anyone to wake up at midnight for a conference all.

4) Allow Team Members to Learn at Their Own Pace

Why use pre-recorded video for remote work? You can allow people to set their learning and work speed to a pace that works for them. Studies have shown that people learn best when they can learn at their own pace. When people feel rushed, they can't internalize the right information. When they feel watched, they might be too self-conscious to actually learn. By using pre-recorded videos for learning and training, you allow your employees to choose the pace of their own learning experience and create the most effective learning process possible. You ensure your team members internalize the information you need them to, so you have a well-trained, knowledgeable staff.

5) Eliminate the Need for Lightning-Fast Internet

Why use pre-recorded video for remote work? Because you don't need the internet capacity required for live video. In order for live video conferencing to work its best, attendees need access to high-quality, fast Internet. If someone doesn't have a fast enough internet connection, they won't be able to participate properly. They also might miss a lot of what was said as their connection buffers. You may have team members who can't afford an upgraded internet connection or who live rurally where internet connection options are severely limited. When this is the case, pre-recorded videos are a much smarter option. A big reason why to use pre-recorded video for remote work is that videos require less bandwidth than live-streaming, and most people with a decent internet connection or hotspot data plan can watch them. In extreme cases, they could travel to a location with improved internet (such as a library) and use the faster connection to download a local copy of the video onto their machine. By using pre-recorded video, you are essentially making the information it contains more accessible than if you communicate only via live stream.

How Viostream Can Help You Use Pre-Recorded Video for Remote Work

So, why use pre-recorded video for remote work? It's a powerful tool for team members, and one that they won't mind using. If you want to make your remote team members happy, provide them with valuable learning experiences, and save money overall, then pre-recorded video could be the answer.

For a place to store and organize recorded videos, choose Viostream. Viostream is one of the world's leading platforms for business videos. It doesn't just give you a place in the cloud to store, title, and organize videos—it makes them easy to share with remote employees. It also has powerful analytics capabilities, so you can monitor and ensure your employees are viewing the videos as intended. Finally, Viostream's adaptable bitrate player ensures that even those on the slowest internet will have the most optimal viewing experience possible.

You've answered why use pre-recorded video for remote work. It's because pre-recorded video comes with a slew of benefits. So, is Viostream is the right solution for your team? Start your 14-day free trial with Viostream now and see how easy it is to store and share your pre-recorded videos

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