4 Panopto Alternatives

4 Panopto Alternatives

Video streaming is crucial in business today. With so many companies going remote thanks to the advancement of internet technology, the growth of the agile workforce, and the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, video allows companies to function efficiently and successfully without requiring all team members to be in one geographic location. 

Video can be a powerful tool for internal communications, and also a good way to spread awareness of your brand among the public. Alternatively, video can be an effective medium for real-time meetings, where everyone can join from the comfort of their own internet-connected PC or device.

If you are a business leader looking to utilize video in 2021, there are many video streaming platforms you can choose from. Panopto is a popular choice. However, there are a myriad of other solutions that offer a full range of video streaming capabilities—from live streaming to cloud video hosting to branded video players and more. This guide can help you decide which Panopto alternative is the best one for you and your organization this year.


Viostream is the leading solution for video streaming utilized by Australian government officials and businesses. Around for nearly two decades, Viostream has mastered the art of providing full-range video streaming capabilities that help clients advance their brands. The platform is trusted throughout Australia thanks to its proven reputation. It also offers several distinct benefits:

  • Suitable for All Companies: Viostream is a platform you can use to scale. Use it for meeting with your small team at your growing company, or broadcast a live event to thousands of people. It doesn't matter the audience size when you use Viostream—the cloud-based platform has the capability to serve your audience.
  • Free 14-Day Trial: You can try Viostream at absolutely no cost to you. The trial grants you access all of the platform's capabilities, from live streaming to analytics reporting. Choosing Viostream as your Panopto alternative helps you save money and find out if you're using the right tech tools at the same time.
  • Focus on Accessibility: Viostream focuses on making their platform easily viewable for everyone with leading WCAG 2.0 compliant accessibility features. These features include captions, video transcripts, interactive transcripts that highlight text as it’s spoken, player keyboard controls, audio descriptions of what's happening in the video, and more.
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Perhaps the most well-known enterprise video streaming solution out there, Brightcove has made a name for itself by serving as a video platform for very large companies with very wide audiences. It is a tool that works best for the biggest players in the game.

  • Best for the Big Leagues: Brightcove is great for large enterprises. It's used by some of the largest publishers on the web, as well as some of the biggest corporations in the world. The tools from Brightcove are better suited to high-traffic, high-volume sites that play video, rather than small companies looking for a tool to help them connect or provide in-house education.
  • Robust Social Integration: Brightcove is known for its social integrations. Users can easily publish videos and share them on a wide variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Advertising Technology: Brightcove offers SSAI technology that allows users to seamlessly stitch ads into video streams. Viewers can watch videos and ads at the same time—which can help you get around ad blockers and boost your revenue.

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Kaltura is a cloud-based video platform that is a Panopto alternative for businesses, media companies, and educational institutions. This video streaming platform offers several features that make it a unique option in 2021:

  • TV Platform: Kaltura has its own TV streaming platform. Viewers can stream Kaltura directly on their TVs so they're not forced to watch on a tiny mobile screen.
  • Education-Focused: Kaltura is a good alternative to Panopto for educational institutions. The service offers many features that are useful in a classroom setting. These features include virtual classrooms, lecture capture technology, and engagement tools that allow you to create video quizzes or easily insert chapters into educational videos.
  • Developer tools: Does your team have a little media management experience? Kaltura offers developer tools that allow you to customize more video, audio, and image experiences.

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Businesses sometimes choose Wistia as a Panopto alternative. This video platform is more geared toward building brands than providing education. Here are some reasons an organisation would choose it for video streaming:

  • Email Capture: Automatically captures the email addresses of people who come to view your videos, helping you expand your email marketing or newsletter list. You can grow your marketing audience and potentially draw more buying customers to your brand.
  • Numerous Interactive Video Tools: Want watchers to easily interact with your video? Wistia gives you options. Include CTAs, email gates, and more so your watchers can click and engage with your brand.
  • Up-Next Feature: Users can choose to watch videos with the "Up Next" feature turned on. Your next video will automatically play when they're watching your content, so you can get more of your creations out in front of a large audience.

Why Choose Viostream as Your Panopto Alternative

There are many video platforms for your business, enterprise, or organization. If you want the most comprehensive solution to meet all of your video needs, choose Viostream.

Viostream is a leading video streaming platform used by businesses and government organizations. We provide live streaming video capabilities, as well as video publishing and broadcasting.

Take your video usage to the next level and find a solution that meets all your virtual needs in one place--contact our customer support team to learn more about how Viostream can serve your business or organization, or start your free trial now.

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