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November 18, 2021

Evan Parker

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    Kaltura vs. Viostream — What is the Best Platform for Video Analytics in 2021?

    Five differences between Kaltura vs. Viostream:

    1. Cost: Both Kaltura and Viostream are premium video management platforms that require a monthly fee. Viostream prices start from just $100 a month. Kaltura doesn't publish its prices online, making it difficult to compare.
    2. Security: Kaltura's security features include video encryption, GDPR compliance, and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliance. Viostream offers these features plus domain whitelists, IP restrictions, single sign-on (SSO) authentication, user roles, geo-blocking, and more. 
    3. Integrations: Kaltura integrates with tools such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Fire TV, PayPal, and WordPress. Viostream integrates with an incredible range of business intelligence (BI) tools like Looker, Oracle, Tableau, and Salesforce Einstein Analytics. Users can then access deep data insights about their video campaigns.
    4. Audience: Kaltura targets corporations and academic institutions that want advanced video management features. Viostream attracts businesses and governments that require enterprise-level analytics, security, and media management capabilities. 
    5. Features: Kaltura boasts video management features like captions, accessible controls, and HTML5 support. Viostream comes with all of those features, as well as branded video galleries and portals. 

    Experts predict 3.1 billion people will watch online videos by the year 2023 — that's over a third of the world's population. While YouTube dominates the global video streaming space, a lack of customization and adequate security has left many organizations searching for alternatives. Kaltura and Viostream are two options for businesses that require advanced video features. These platforms offer the security, analytics, and media management capabilities that YouTube can't provide.

    Although Kaltura and Viostream are paid-for platforms that require a monthly fee, businesses can improve video management and performance by investing in one of these services. But which one is the best for video analytics? Here's a comparison of Kaltura vs. Viostream. 

    Kaltura vs. Viostream Overview

    About Kaltura 

    Kaltura is a cloud-based video management platform for businesses and academic institutions that require more advanced features than those on YouTube. The company provides video-on-demand technology that powers corporations and colleges, focusing on digital meetings, virtual classrooms, and other communication methods.

    Kaltura integrates with various tools and lets users manage and track video content from a single hub. Data-driven businesses and colleges use the platform to improve synchronous and asynchronous communications in contexts like webinars, tutorials, and sales presentations.

    Kaltura features include:

    • HD video playback
    • Digital whiteboards
    • Note sharing
    • Chat
    • Captions/translations
    • Interactive tools

    About Viostream

    Viostream is a cloud-based video platform for organizations that require enterprise-level video management capabilities. It's the only video management service that pulls video data into BI tools for advanced analytics. That means you get unprecedented insights into your video campaigns for better performance and productivity. 

    Viostream comes with an incredible range of out-of-the-box integrations with BI tools such as Adobe, Looker, Metabase, Sigma, SAP, and Salesforce Einstein Analytics. By combining video data with these tools, you get real-time insights that power your content marketing campaigns such as video ROI, conversion rates, click-through rates, and more. (Check out a list of Viostream integrations here.) Setting up these data integrations requires no code, so you don't need the help of data engineers to generate insights.

    Other Viostream features include:

    • Video embeds
    • Live streams
    • Branded video galleries
    • Filter lists
    • Calls-to-action
    • Unlimited players
    • Video scheduling
    • Social syndication 
    • Tags

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    Kaltura vs. Viostream Side-By-Side Comparison

    Launch Date

    • Kaltura: 2006
    • Viostream: 2002


    • Kaltura: New York City, USA
    • Viostream: Sydney, Australia

    Target Audience

    • Kaltura: Businesses and academic institutions
    • Viostream: Businesses and governments that need advanced security, analytics, and media management features

    Trial Length

    Highest-Quality Video Resolution Supported

    • Kaltura: 4K UHD
    • Viostream: 4K UHD

    BI Integrations

    • Kaltura: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft PowerBI, Amazon Fire TV, PayPal, WordPress, and more.
    • Viostream: 22 no-code BI tools, including Microsoft PowerBI, Qlik, AtScale, MicroStrategy, Oracle, Pyramid Analytics, and Salesforce Einstein Analytics. 


    • Kaltura: Video encryption, GDPR compliance, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliance, and more.‍
    • Viostream: Geo-blocking, two-step authentication, private videos, IP restrictions, sub-accounts, password policies, single sign-on, domain whitelists, user roles, ISO27001 compliance, and more. Click here for a list of security features. 


    • Kaltura: Support ticket system, help guides, and webinars.
    • Viostream: Phone support, email support, and support guides.

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    Kaltura vs. Viostream Pricing


    • Kaltura doesn't publish its prices online, making it difficult to compare. 


    Viostream has three unique pricing plans

    • Lite: 50 GB of storage, 50 GB of bandwidth, adaptive bitrate streaming, caption editing
    • Professional: 300 GB of storage, 300 GB of bandwidth, adaptive bitrate streaming, caption editing, single sign-on, calls-to-action, player branding, user-generated content.
    • Enterprise: 3,000 GB of storage, 3,000 GB of bandwidth, adaptive bitrate streaming, caption editing, single sign-on, calls-to-action, player branding, user-generated content, live streams, data sovereignty, global video replication.

    Why Viostream?

    Viostream is the top video platform that pulls data into BI tools, making it a valuable tool for data-driven organizations that need real-time insights into their video campaigns. While Kaltura integrates with various platforms, using Viostream is the easiest way to analyze data for better decision-making and content delivery. 

    When choosing between Kaltura vs. Viostream, think about the range of integrations available to you. If you want to measure the effectiveness of your video content for more successful marketing and engagement outcomes, Viostream could be the solution you're looking for. 

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    How Viostream Can Help

    Viostream is an enterprise-level cloud-based solution for organizations that require the latest video data insights. Pull data into BI tools like Looker, Tableau, and Salesforce Einstein Analytics and generate accurate metrics that power your campaigns. Contact Viostream's customer support team to discover more or get started right now.

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