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Nov 11, 2021

What the Numbers Reveal About Learning Retention And Video

Regular employee training isn't just important because it helps ensure your team members are up to date on your latest processes and practices. Training also helps employees feel valued, because you are investing in their learning and growth. Training also keeps team morale high and helps employees feel engaged while they're at their job.

If you want an employee training program that really works, you must employ methods that encourage people to remember and retain what they learn. Learning retention is essential if you want learners to utilize and implement new lessons they've learned while they work. It's also vital to help your team members experience a feeling of personal or professional growth.

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Read on for a better understanding of learning retention: what it is, why it matters, and how to improve it.

75% of All New Learned Information Is Forgotten If Not Reinforced

Experts have known for centuries that people forget 75% of all new information they learn within six days if the information is not somehow connected to things they already know or reinforced via practice or review. Lessons must be given context or repeated multiple times to really stick with learners. So, make sure you don't just introduce new lessons to team members once. You'll want to deliver new information to learners in multiple ways to make sure it really sinks in and applied.

65% of Learners in the U.S. Are Visual Learners

Researchers believe that 65% of all learners in the U.S. today are visual learners. Since visual learners more easily process information via images and videos rather than via text or lecture, you need to ensure your lessons incorporate some visual elements if you want them to land with the majority of your workforce.

In addition to providing video training to your staff, you'll want to reduce the risk of distraction that often comes with a public video host like YouTube. With a professional platform like Viostream, you can ensure that your video learners aren't being led away from their studies by unintended suggestions or unwanted advertisements. To learn more about the benefits of using Viostream to host your video training, start your free trial now.

E-Learning Boosts Retention Rates by 25% to 60%

When employees do face-to-face training (i.e. attending a lecture or listening to a presenter speak) their retention rate is often as low as 8% to 10%. However, when your team members have the chance to complete their learning online or virtually, retention rates improve by 25% to 60% over face-to-face learning, bringing the rates up to somewhere between 35% and 90%. In other words, learning digitally (aka via the web) is a much more effective method than having in-person trainers.

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Only 12% of Workplace Learners Say They Apply Learned Skills to Their Job

Only 12% of people who do training in the workplace say that they ever actually apply anything they learn to their work. This both comes from a lack of retention and poorly planned training, where the lessons delivered to employees aren't necessarily actionable or relevant. Ensure you use teaching methods and tools that help increase retention, so learners will internalize knowledge they can then apply while working. Also, make a conscious effort to regularly review and update your employee training process. Consistently reviewing employee lessons will ensure they're only learning things that are actionable and relevant.

Video Improves People's Retention of New Information by 83%

It is 83% easier for learners to recall information they learned via visuals and video in a presentation than what they learned via text. Experts believe this is because human brains can process visuals and imagery much more quickly than they can process text or auditory information — which means that anyone who learns via video or other visual media is more likely to see, process, understand, and hold on to the information being presented to them than they are by reading text or listening to lectures to learn.

How Viostream Can Help Improve Your Learning Retention Statistics

When you train your employees at work, you want to ensure your lessons stick. Effective training can not only help boost employee performance, it can also improve morale, empower team members, and help create a more cohesive group in the workplace. If you want to master effective training, make sure you utilize training methods that maximize the chance of retention. By utilizing specific training techniques — including incorporating video into your employee training process — you can increase the chances your employees remember what they learn and, in turn, perform better and feel happier in the workplace.

To incorporate videos in your employee training, consider using Viostream to help. Viostream is one of the web's leading video platforms and allows you to store, manage, organize, and share videos, all from one central place. Viostream also allows you to create branded training videos that are stored in the cloud so your team members can access them from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. Because employees can use Viostream to access videos repeatedly and at times or locations that are convenient for them, it helps increase their ability to review, reinforce and retain the information they are attempting to learn.

To learn more about how Viostream can help your training process, check out our Product page. Or, if you're ready to jump and and see for yourself what makes Viostream unique, start your 14-day free trial now.

Stuart Auld
Stuart Auld (Head of Infrastructure) is a multi-disciplinary engineer with broad-ranging experience at executive level delivering operational best practice across customer engagement, technology, change management and process improvement.
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